Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: Time for a Picnic!

School's out and it's time for picnics in the park!

I found this great old biscuit tin while out thrifting last week. It's plenty big for sandwiches and snacks for four. In fact, I already used it to take to WWII weekend Saturday. It was only $3 and in great shape, except for some wear on the lid. But no rust!

The Skotch Jug cooler is one of my favorites. I thrifted it years ago and it has been on every picnic since! It's the old style with the glass lining so it doesn't absorb any odors. (Remember how your Thermos used to smell back in elementary school? Yeah, me too- like it was yesterday. ;)


  1. What a wonderful find for picnics with your family! Back in the 70s I had a great wicker picnic basket with all the fittings. I wonder what ever happened to that thing. Ah, the things we throw away!

  2. Super cute, that is next on my list, can you believe I don't have a picnic basket!

  3. They're so great! And you're right - my thermos started smelling like grape Kool-Aid and never stopped.

  4. That is so cool, love the Skotch stuff. Reading that, about the smell of the thermos, makes me exactly remember the smell of lunch---bologne and cheese on white bread, with Koolaid in the thermos, yes! And if mom was in a good mood, a Little Debbie was tucked in there too