Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm still alive!

It's been crazy busy around here. I've been doing a lot of trumpet playing and running around with the kids. We put in a pond at our house too (more about that later!) And MaryDeluxe came for a visit and we are hatching a plan to take over the world...(shhh- you didn't hear that...) I've totally neglected the blog and I hope there are still some folks following me!

I did find some good stuff lately. It's been way too hot for yard sales but the local flea market was going strong last time I was there and I found something I've been looking for for a while.

A spaghetti lamp! I've actually wanted one of these to hang like a swag lamp, but this is a floor lamp with two globes. I may separate one into a hanging lamp (should be easy) but then again I may keep it as-is. The pole part is in rough shape; it would have to be painted to use it. I know these sometimes go for crazy prices online, so I'm tempted to resell it since it was only $10! What do you all think? 

As my kids are getting old enough to understand geography, I'd been wanting to get a vintage globe to show them other places around the world. When I sell something overseas in my Etsy store it is neat to be able to show them where the package is going. I've seen some globes here and there, but nothing really old or interesting. The holy grail as always a light-up one, and.....

... ta da! I found one! 

Thanks to my friend who is cleaning out her mother's house (same one as in the Giant Lamp) I got to go over and get a sneak peak at some of the furniture they're going to get rid of. Hopefully those will pan out in the future, but I got to take this globe home with me today. I think it's from about 1949/50, because Alaska and Hawaii are both states, but Korea is still one country. I love love love this and even my husband agrees that it's a keeper- which is a rare thing indeed!


  1. Mawhahahahaha *insert evil laugh here*

    Cool lamp!

  2. Great lamp and globe! I can't wait to hear about your pond.

  3. I would resell, you made out like a bandit on that lamp!

  4. Love it and I'v alllllwwwwayyys wanted a light up globe! It reminds me of Pee Wee's playhouse for some reason! LOL

  5. You LUCKY gal! Getting to plot with the fabulous MaryD! The lamps looks keen and the globe is neat.

  6. Amazing you found that lamp, and for $10. I don't think I could sell it. maybe you could enjoy it for awhile and sell it later? Cool globe lamp too!

  7. Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, been busy. I like the breakfast table and chairs.

  8. WOW that lamp is super duper cool!I would keep as is.

    Now is the lamp in your cottage? That dinette set is scrumptious! And quite funky with all the dear heads ;)

    1. I did a post a while back on that dinette set: