Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My kids had a day off of school on Monday, so we did what comes naturally- thrift! Ostensibly, it was to pick up a few things for the cabin and to look for a new media cabinet. (There's always an excuse to thrift for something, isn't there?)

Well, I'd like to say that I found the media cabinet, because I did. But it was painted an unfortunate shade of green and was too small. Stylistically it was pretty close, but I'll keep looking. I also struck out shopping for a liquid measuring cup, colander and toaster oven. I couldn't believe I couldn't get even one of those things, but the store had just had a giant half-price sale on Friday and was kind of picked over.

I did find some really neat clothing in the bargain bin, where everything is 99 cents. I got a red wool Boy Scout shirtjac that has the most awesome appliques, a women's tweed jacket and a men's windbreaker for the store. Other than that, the pickings were slim in housewares and furniture.

But apparently no one is buying picture frames and wall hangings! 

I finally found an art deco reverse painted frame! For 99 cents!!! 
The other two are an 8x10 silver painted wood frame ($4, wtf?) and a lucite frame (99 cents- that's more like it.) Anyway, when you average it all out, it's $2/per. Sometimes thrift shop pricing just makes you stop and go, hmmmm.

I thought this Victorian print was cute and seasonal for Easter. I really bought it for the frame, because it is nice and big at 14 x 17. I thought it would make a nice cottagey/shabby chic print for the cabin. I'll probably keep it. It wasn't a bad deal at $6, but more than I would normally pay for something. 

Not that I really do shabby chic, but it seems to find me, so I roll with it. This is a cute chalkware wall plaque (again, 99 cents) that needs a little TLC. Or I might just sell it in the shop as "chippy" LOL. I know someone out there is going to love this more than I do.

This one ain't going nowhere. As you can see, I've already hung it. I've been on the lookout for a photo of FDR for years. I've even searched Etsy and eBay pretty much for this exact image. I can't believe there aren't more out there; after all, they probably hung in every school classroom and post office in the country for 13 years. It's got nothing to do with my politics, just the iconography of it. It's big too- 12x14- with nice wavy glass. For $4, and I got a double bonus- there is an image on the reverse of a construction project (WPA, I'd imagine) that someone stuck in there. (Which begs the question, who framed FDR?)


  1. Hahahaah!

    I love the way you roll! :)

    Hmmm who did frame FDR? What's the story there? I love a good story!


  2. What GREAT finds! I was swooning over the picture frames before I even started reading. Wow-O on the FDR picture, the lake where the Casablanca is- was a WPA Project!

  3. Yay on finding something you've been looking for so long! That IS a terrific FDR photo ;)

    Love the art deco frame - my favorite type, as a matter of fact :)

  4. Great FDR Photo! Wondering what WPA image looks like?

  5. Hey Susie, you do have a knack for finding some very interesting things. The FDR pic is great.