Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: Red and white and pink all over

I know I haven't done a Thrifted Thursday post for a while. It's not that I haven't been thrifting (boy, have I!) it's just that I haven't bought much that wasn't clothing for the store. You can see (and purchase!) all those goodies here: .

And since my birthday was last week, my son and I went on my third annual Thrift Crawl last Saturday. 'Cept it wasn't really a thrift crawl; I went to a bunch of local antique stores. Usually I prefer thrift store prices, but I've been to almost all of my favorite places recently, and we got a late start (went to see Max Raabe Friday night! Love!). So it was strictly neighborhood shopping.

Jayson is such a good shopping buddy, has a great eye, and loves a bargain just as much as I do. We had a blast- hit 3 antique stores, ate lunch and had a milkshake at the counter at Sine's 5&10 (his idea!) and each got some treasures.

First I found a really neat cheese grater. Actually, it's a potato ricer (made in Germany, pre-war) but will work for cheese. I've scraped my knuckles way too many times with my box grater (nothing like a little blood with your cheese!), and this is easier for kids to work as well. Red and white, for my kitchen. It was $8, which wasn't a bad deal, considering that I saw a couple more in worse shape for $50+. I also picked up this adorable 1930s/40s canister set. It's in really great shape- barely any scratches or wear to the decals- for $12. I loved it in the store and now that I have it home, I don't think I'm going to be able to send them up to the cabin (which I initially purchased them for). They just fit so perfectly into my kitchen decor. 

 Jayson found this cool wall plaque.

 He has quite a collection of these vintage nature scenes (16 and counting). He bargained the dealer down to $10, which was a decent deal, and I'm glad we bought it because it is one of the nicer ones in his collection.

I also bought these off of ebay last week. I've been wanting some chalkware fish for our bathroom for a while now and when these came up I had to have them. They are Miller Studio, mint in the box. They actually still have the googly eyes on them. Pink and black- perfect for our bathroom, and a good deal at $9 for the pair.

I think they like their new habitat:


  1. Man you are so lucky! Those canisters are super cute!

  2. P.S. Happy belated birthday, and I've got the same fish in gold, except they came with little bubbles.

  3. I think the canisters might have been part of a whole kitchen themed set! Theres an old (now abandond) house out in the country on the way to the lake, and that decal is the wall paper! its all over the kitchen (and its a crying shame it rotting away. I adore yoru Miller fish, and Your Pink bathroom makes me want to build one on to the Casablanca!

  4. Oh no, Mick! Really? Now I just might have another collection obsession. :D

    It took me years to assemble the Kromex set (which I love- still missing the trashcan, tho) and I can see this becoming a project like that. Oh well, I can always take the Kromex up to the cabin, heehee!

  5. Love the cannisters! and, your sons collection, too! for a while, I decorated my back room in the cabin style, like a 40's fishing lodge. I sold most of it, but still wish I had a cabin to decorate. I think all those "sets", cannisters - trashcans-etc...were popular, because I find things in the same patterns (like a sifter)!

  6. Your fish look right at home! I'm amazed at Jayson's collection. He's really stayed at it, hasn't he? I was surprised to see how many pieces he has now.

  7. I love the fish and the plaque!

    I have a little collection of fish and mermaids but my bathroom has no wall, only tiling so I can't hang them, sadly!

  8. Hi SusieQT, now that I am feeling better and wanted to thank you for following my blog! I was quite surprised how fast I attracted attention to my blog, though it would take months and months. By the way, whenever Jayson decides to take his wall plaques down I think I can help find them a new home. I love the new plaque and the one that is just below it – they really complement each other.

    I have to say I was shocked when I saw your aluminum canister set. My mother just gave me her set a few weeks back and they are exactly the same. I remember them from my childhood. Even more interesting to me is that she has a similar wall exhaust fan in her kitchen as well, so seeing all that together brought back lots of memories.

  9. I love those scenes on the log slices. Strangely enough, even though we're in a mountain area, I never see old ones of those. I see new ones in gift shops with really bad stuff on them but never these lovely ones.