Monday, January 9, 2012

Make-it-from-scratch Monday: Party Chicken (A Retro Casserole)

Hi all, I know I haven't done a recipe Monday in a while, so here goes! And this is probably not the best one to try if you're one of those people with a New Year's resolution to lose weight or reduce your cholesterol. On the other hand, it is easy and delicious, and good for serving at a potluck or covered dish dinner (hence the name). It's a nice warm casserole for a snowy day at home, as well. The prep time is minimal, and it cooks in a slow oven, so there's very little work involved (my favorite!)

This recipe has been in my family for some time; it was always a favorite of ours when we went to visit my grandmother. (And my grandmother lived until she was 89, so eating this regularly didn't appear to have any ill effects on her!) 

Party Chicken

8 pcs boneless chicken breast- tenders work well
4 slices bacon, uncooked and cut in half
4 oz. dried beef (chipped)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 pt sour cream

Cover bottom of large greased baking dish with the dried beef.

I'm not sure how easy it is to find dried beef outside of Pennsylvania, so you could substitute some very dry ham, like proscuitto, or even dry-cured salami. We make our own dried "beef" from a leg of venison.

I'm using my very favorite enamel ware pan- nothing sticks to it, ever. (I tried to fit it all in a Pyrex 2 qt baker, but it was too tight.)

Lay pieces of chicken on top. I used two whole breasts, and cut them in half lengthwise (butterflied). You could cut them up even more to get smaller portions, too.

Place 1 piece of bacon on each piece of chicken. I didn't have any uncooked bacon, so I used ham. My husband is an old-fashioned butcher and makes all our ham, so I chose a nice marbled piece for this.

Mix together soup and sour cream, spoon over chicken. Try not to think about your arteries.

Bake for 2 hours at 275, uncovered. Serve with a spinach salad and brown rice to absorb all that cholesterol! Enjoy!


  1. That recipe sings to all my happy places ;-) Yum!

  2. That looks like a party in my mouth!

  3. This looks delicious!
    Especially because I'm a huge fan of meats. =)

  4. mmm, that looks amazing! I may have to try that one soon. I think my hubs would love it. Thanks for sharing! x

  5. That sounds delicious! The idea of making it with proscuitto really appeals to me too. I don't know that I've ever seen a recipe in Texas that calls for dried beef, but everything else is in ready supply. Yum!

  6. How about the orange cookies for dessert?

  7. John- I did have some orange cookies- just finished off the last of them the other day! :D

    Dana- making it with proscuitto would be a neat retro-modern twist.

  8. How about the recipe for those unlucky to have tried them?