Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog Roll Updates!

My daughter, the future librarian!

I am reducing clutter, virtually, for the New Year. My blog roll had become quite cluttered, with over 250 blogs I was following. So, I went through them all, and deleted about 60 of the ones I no longer read or haven't been updated in the last several months. Hopefully no one will take it personally if I deleted myself from their follower list!

Also, if you are a follower of my blog, I do try to follow yours if you have one. Let me know by leaving a comment sometimes, if I am not on your list! And if you know of a worthwhile blog to follow, please leave a comment below and maybe that person will gain a few new followers from here. Generally, I try to follow blogs that are updated at least once a week, and contain something of interest to me, whether it is vintage lifestyle, sustainable living or decorating. I intensely dislike blogs that exist solely for product or individual promotion, so don't even bother suggesting one of those.

I am also considering what types of new posts followers most like, so leave a comment if you would like to see more or less of the following: collecting, history, thrifting, projects, or anything else I might have forgotten!


  1. What a great picture of your daughter. As a former librarian myself, I can see that she would make a wonderful one!

    I need to weed my blogroll too, as there are several on there that haven't been updated in forever.

  2. I think its great to declutter from time to time it clears the soul so to speak ;-)) Your daughter is so sweet bless her. dee x

  3. Dana- depending on the day, she either wants to be a teacher or a librarian. She's only 3, so there's plenty of time to decide, LOL! Seriously, though, I never met a child that loves books the way she does, and I thought no one could love them more than me! She will sit with a pile of books and "read" them all afternoon and then takes a couple to bed with her every night.

  4. Books as teddy bears...a girl after my own heart. Wait till she starts trying to read in class and her teachers start catching her. ;-)

  5. My mom was a librarian and teacher.
    Could be both!

  6. John- I didn't know that about your mom. Yes, she certainly could do both- as a matter of fact I would encourage it, as it would help her in a job search.