Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: Tons of stuff!!!

As I mentioned before, I have been doing a lot of thrifting lately. For pure tonnage in the thrifts, January and February are probably the best time to shop- a lot of people are decluttering for the New Year! I also have the added incentive of having to outfit a new kitchen at our cabin. I've been buying the usual clothing for the shop and also have been shopping for kitchenware for the first time in years.

Since it's been about 10 years since I really had to buy kitchenware, I have the opportunity to establish a new vintage look. And since this is a cabin, I'm going for a rustic, Adirondack style with lots of enamelware and cast iron. I love, love, love enamelware as it is, so the opportunity to buy more and to put it to use is really exciting to me.

I'm going to try to do the whole place without buying anything new or plastic (save the odd piece of jadeite green Tupperware). I think the entire contents of the wire basket cost me about $10. I bought the crinkle wire basket from an Etsy seller, and that was probably the mot expensive thing I've bought so far at about $20.

I got a pair of these sheets for $1 each, and I am thinking about turning them into curtains. Or I might move them into the store...they are really pretty.

This suit I originally bought for the store as well, but after I brought it home, I realized it would fit me. It's brown nubby wool with flecks of red and purple, in mint condition (and only $10!). It's so classic I am having trouble dating it (I'm thinking 1980s does 40s?). I love the cutouts on the collar and the placement of the buttons. It fits me like it was custom tailored, and I have already worn it once!

I found my first pieces of confetti lucite also- these two bracelets and the earrings below. Too bad they don't match- they were found at 2 different stores. The bracelets were $5 each and the earrings were $2.

These boots are about as close as I can come to Uggs, which I refuse to wear. They were brand new, still with the $60 Kohl's tag on them. I paid a little more than I usually do ($15) but they are suede and I needed something like this. They are really warm!

This last one is probably my biggest score. I needed a tea kettle for the cabin, and was looking for one of those old, classic aluminum ones. But then I saw this enamelware one for $6 and was sold.  It had never been used. Not until I was in line at the register (and realized how freakin' heavy it was!) did I notice what was on the bottom...



  1. I love enamel ware too! The what and redis my favorite... but I never have luck finding any good pieces (the 2 i've had I had little chips in the bottom enamel, and I burned through both of them at diffrent paoints)But they look great in pictures! Now have imissed a post? When did the cabin crop up? I want to know all about it and see all kinds of pictures! The Casablanca started out as a neglected little lake cabin, and now look where its at! :)

  2. Hi Mick- you can see it in the background here:

    It's not really a cabin, in the log-cabin sense, but it is a small house up at our place in the mtns. I wish it was a log cabin! My MIL had been living there, and it is currently decorated to her taste (which is soooo not mine!), but she is moving out and it will be all ours this season. I'll do some before and after pics later this spring.

  3. You really have been hauling in a bunch of great stuff! I love the enamelware, and you're right about the Le Creuset teapot. That was a major score. Your cabin is going to look great.

    The suit is very pretty. I love the button placement too. I think you're right that it was the 80s when we were wearing so many collars like that. Remember those lace or embroidered or crocheted collars we'd buy separately and wear with sweaters and collarless dresses? I'd forgotten all about those till now!

  4. You did great can't wait to see what you do with the cabin!

  5. Score, indeed! Great job. I can't wait to see what you do with the cabin; I know it'll be wonderful.

  6. Wow, you have a cabin to decorate? Awesome! I really like the suit. Its so snappy!