Saturday, January 14, 2012

A snowy day

I've been busy thrifting and stocking my Etsy store, so those of you starting the hunt for Viva, head on over and check it out! If you see something you like, enter coupon code PIT20OFF for 20% off your purchase!

I have a whole bunch of neat purchases to show you, but I'll save those for Thursday.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of my daughter, aka "Mini-me", walking in the snow. We just got a dusting yesterday, but she wanted to go outside and play in it. She was enjoying making tracks through the yard. I think this sequence of photos captures that perfectly:


  1. How cute! She looks like she's really examining those tracks closely too. It's so much fun to watch kids' wonderment at that age.

  2. It's so cold today I almost wish we had snow to go with it! Then when the snow comes, I realize how much I romanticize it!!

  3. Aw, cute! Almost makes me miss snow....almost :-)