Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bet this never happened to you...

And if it did, I want to know. I'm thinking of forming a class action suit.

What is wrong with this picture?

No it's not a steampunk range. (At least not yet, but I'm thinking that might be a fitting end for it. Grrr.)

In the middle of the night I awoke to a crash. Thinking that something (like one of my beloved 50s lamps) fell over and broke, or worse yet, someone was breaking in, I ran downstairs. But everything was in its place and buttoned up tight. At least until I went into the kitchen and saw this:

(Obviously that is not my head, it's my husband's. He did most of the clean up while I stood there slack-jawed. Plus he has long arms and could reach all the glass without stepping on it.)

The glass door had fallen off my oven all by itself and shattered into a bazillion pieces. (FYI, it is safety glass, like a car windshield. Now you know.)

Besides being a royal pain to clean up, especially while trying not to wake two small children- talk about potentially making a bad situation worse- I had to spend all morning trying to find a replacement.

Guess what? There are no replacement glass pieces to be had- it's been discontinued. I found a couple on ebay but they were asking $160 plus shipping. For a 14-year-old oven door. It's not worth getting repaired, especially since there are a few other things wrong with it already.

So I guess I'm doomed to spend this weekend trudging through big box stores looking for a new oven. And since one of my criteria is always that it should be made in America, I think I might be in for a long day. 

Yes, I know what you're thinking- time to step up that search for a vintage stove. That's always been on my wish list. I'm working on it. I'm just having a hard time convincing my husband to cut the countertop and cabinets off to fit a 40 inch stove instead of a 30 inch. I told him he can either do that or learn to cook. Hey, it's his choice!


  1. I love it...fix it, or learn to cook. But wow, that is really crazy. I personally feel that they do not make things to last. Yeah 14 years is pretty long, but shouldn't a good, well built appliance last a lifetime? Good luck!

  2. Sorry to see that. I have a 40" stove from the 70's, but a new one will cost at least 1,000 dollars!

  3. What about a Big Chill stove? Too pricey?

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. I didn't know that could happen! That's ridiculous! Shopping for appliances is no fun. You have my sympathy!

  5. Talk about random! That sucks.

  6. This totally happened to me! At first I thought a Pyrex had blown up because I was baking at the time. Nope the whole glass front just exploded and crumbled. I swear I was still finding glass bits a week later. GRRRRRRRR.

    We received a replacement glass from GE (Free of charge how NICE OF THEM. double GRRRR) that we had to install ourselves. No reason from them why this happened. If I could find a vintage double-oven like what we have now I would jump on it, however they are far and few between here. :(

  7. Stacey- isn't that bizarre? And I bet the Pyrex was fine- wish they made oven doors out of Pyrex! I did contact Frigidaire; they told me I could buy a new part from any distributor. But apparently they didn't bother to check, because all the distributors said they couldn't help.

    I am totally looking for a vintage double oven, 5 burner electric stove, but not finding any now.

  8. You're right. That's never happened to me! That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard of...and for it to have happened to Stacey too is double-bizarre. I can't imagine what a shock it must be to have your oven door self-destruct!

  9. I hope you find the stove of your dreams - maybe that's why this happened. ;)

  10. It happened to my son and his wife's stove not that long ago! Scary! And they said it is happening to a lot of a certain brand. I can ask if you like!