Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trash Picked Tuesday: Tricycle chopper, part 2

For those of you following Jayson's tricycle makeover, here is the finished project! He designed it himself, as well as doing the painting and parts of the assembly. (Adults used the power tools!)

Note the working headlight and tailight- they run off a bicycle generator. There is also a license plate and horn. We did not buy anything for this project except paint, and the thrifted stadium seat.

As a reminder- here is the starting point:

And the midway part (last week's update!)


  1. Kudos to Jayson for a job well done! My son-in-law and I were looking at the first post together, and we were really impressed. I'll send him a link to this post right now.

  2. Neato, a rat rod tricycle! And he has a back seat for hauling his little sister around too! All he's missing are a set of flames ;)

    Good job Jayson!


  3. Looks great Jayson! I was in the Soap Box Derby for three years, perhaps he could try it someday.

  4. Amazing! It looks like a real wild ride!