Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trash-picked Tuesday: V-mail

Today, Trash-picked Tuesday is a two-fer. (How many times can I type the letter 't'?!) Not only is this item trash-picked, it's also one of those rare times when I get crafty.

I found this cute little mailbox in a junk heap in the woods. It was black, a bit rusty, and the lid was all dented. I think there was a mouse living in it.  But it had potential, so I carted it home. If I got my mail delivered to my porch, you can bet I would've used it for its intended purpose. It was pretty cool in a rusty, beat-up vintage way.

After a couple of years of trying to figure out a creative use for it, I hit on this idea- a Valentine mail box. It's the perfect size for my kids to put all their little cards in it.

I happened to have some pink and red Rustoleum spray paint laying about (what, doesn't everyone? LOL), so after a bit of sanding and knocking the dents out, I painted the body pink and the lid red. My son applied the stickers, and we had a fun little Valentines mail box re-purposed from a vintage original.


  1. What a great project to do with kids. I love that your son applied the stickers, rather than your doing it. I think it's a lot more important for kids to be creative than for a project to be done perfectly by an adult while they look on.

  2. awww what a cute idea ;-)) enjoy your day, dee x

  3. Hi SusieQT,

    I've just given you the Stylish Blogger Award :) Although I may not comment often, I always enjoy reading your terrific posts! I also love your Etsy shop ;)

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    I love what you did with mailbox - too cute! It takes someone with vision to see what can be made from "trash." ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Miss CherryBubbles (aka Andrea)