Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Favorite Diners

 I am definitely a diner gal. I love them all, from the c.1920s Red Rose Diner in Towanda, PA, to the classic stainless, and now closed, Vale-Rio in Phoenixville, PA (home of the famous Colonial Theater where The Blob was filmed).

But one of my all-time favorites is the classic "Mediterranean-style" Vincentown Diner in Vincentown, NJ.

It's the perfect stop on the way home from the beach, with good food, fast service and a very kid-friendly staff. Last summer I was happy to notice that they're serving locally sourced, seasonal organic food whenever possible. (This is another passion of mine- I am such a foodie and strongly believe in supporting local farmers and businesses!!!!)

And now, apparently, everyone else has caught on, because the Vtown Diner was featured in today's Phila. Inquirer for its local menu. Thankfully the place is one of those giant 200+ seat affairs (and not the 30 seat Red Rose!), so there is little worry that we won't be able to get a table. But maybe the counter seats will be harder to get now, LOL!

Check out the review here, and hopefully a similar menu might be coming to your favorite diner!

Photo: Richard W. G. Clapper for


  1. Why does everything just naturally taste better in a place with a big googie sign out front?

  2. It sure does! I can't figure out why places like Holiday Inn and Arbys ever got rid of their fabulous signage. You'd think they'd want to be distinctive...

  3. Heck yes to All American Diners! I love going to places like this. Veritable time capsules. I'm glad your local diner is prospering. Adding a groovy menu couldn't hurt! Great atmosphere and healthy eats...I'm in. That sign is seriously fabulous too!