Friday, February 18, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy...

and all the little people out there who made this award possible...(*cue music*)

I've recieved my first-ever blog award from Miss Cherry Bubbles! Now I have to tell you seven things about myself, and pass the award along.

1) When I was in high school and college I wanted to play trumpet in a major symphony orchestra. I got my Bachelors of Music in trumpet performance but never got past the audition stage for anything other than local orchestras. So now I teach trumpet and freelance around the area (weddings, funerals, community events, etc.) with a community band and brass quartet.

2) When that didn't pan out, I went back to school and got my Master's in Museum Science. I went to Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX, home of Buddy Holly. I had always wanted to visit Texas, but never been. When I went to check out the school I felt right at home, and loved it down there. If I hadn't been already engaged to my husband here in Pennsylvania, I would have stayed out West. We'll probably retire to the Hill Country some day.

3) Now that I'm mostly a stay-at-home mom, I can really identify with Squidward. I sometimes feel as if I spend my days with Spongebob and Patrick, longing for sophistication.

4) I have always loved aviation. I started taking flying lessons after college and accumulated 72 hours. But I never got my pilot's license before I went to grad school and had no more money. My most recent real job was curator of an aviation museum.

5) My fascination with the past started with Big Band music. The first record album I ever bought was Glenn Miller's Pure Gold, in 1987. I was in 7th grade. Up until that point, I had listened mostly to classical music. Glenn Miller and I have the same birthday.

6) I still have the first car I ever bought new. My 1997 VW Jetta has 180,000 miles on it. I love that car and hope I can drive it forever. Between my mother and I, we have had a VW in the family since 1962. Hers is now a bit newer than mine, a 2009 Jetta.

7) I love to fish. I hunt as well, both archery and gun. I figured I'd never see my husband if I didn't learn to do what he did, and now I really enjoy getting out in nature. But fishing really suits me- the feeling of persistance paying off and the thrill of not knowing what you'll get.

Well, that's a bit about me, now I will pass the award on to these fellow bloggers- check out their blogs, if you haven't already!

My friend Eileen, an art deco dame if there ever was one:

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Shannon, another mom just trying to maintain her sanity:

Rachelle at who is probably busy having a baby right about now...

And a bonus- I'll give the award to anyone else I didn't mention that can name the song on the sheet music on my header! (See, now that you know I'm a music geek, that isn't just some random image....)


  1. Congrats, Susan! That's great! I know blogging can be a lonely, thankless task, so any recognition is just wonderful. Cheers!

  2. oh sue. how great it is to have known you for so long. love reading your blog. <3 you. PS - i'll get back to you on the sheet music. gotta get it near an instrument first!

  3. Congrats and thanks Susan! You are quite the Jill of all Trades, that's pretty rockin!

  4. Congratulations!Had to laugh at the squidward comment,i can relate to that:)

  5. WoW! You are an interesting lady! Thanks for all that sharing! Amazing!

  6. That's fun stuff! Congrats on your to read it! :)

  7. Yay congrats! I would love to visit Lubboch, I really adore Buddy Holly!

  8. Thanks so much for passing the award on to me. Such fascinating little facts you came up with. Hope I can dig up just as interesting ones about myself!

  9. See, isn't this a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers? ;) And I know what you mean about Squidward too - lol!