Friday, February 11, 2011

Flea Market Friday: Dreaming of Spring

Primroses- the first sign of spring around here. Even if it's only in the grocery store!

The days are getting longer, and it's staying light until 6 o'clock.

I love primroses, they're cute, smell great, and are hardy enough that I've had some come up every year outside. And this year, I found the perfect containers- milk glass vases!

This one I got for free, believe it or not, on a table full of free items outside a thrift store. I love the fluted shape. (I have an antique glass flower frog inside to keep the tiny flower pot from disappearing inside.)

This vase cost me 40 cents at a flea market a while back. Add in the flowers at 2/$4, and I'd say that's a bargain way to chase the winter doldrums away!