Friday, January 7, 2011

Things I love about January!

January is one of my favorite months, and no, I'm not crazy!  Maybe it's the whole "new beginning" thing, or the fact that winter is not yet gray and dreary (that would be March).

So here are some of my favorite reasons to love January:

1) Snow. I love to shovel  (it's great exercise), my kids can sled in it (there is no better vintage outdoor pastime than piloting an old wood American Flyer down a hill) and I like to drive in it. I know, I said I wasn't crazy, even if you're starting to doubt me now. It's just all the other crazy people out on the roads that make me nervous. But my old 1997 Jetta is a great snow car- especially with a stick shift and an emergency brake for doing doughnuts in my parents' cul-de-sac.

2) Taking down the Christmas decorations. When I was a kid, I used to hate this, but as an adult I like the feeling of moving on and putting away the holiday clutter. Because by mid-January, that's exactly what it is....

3) I'm not yet tired of my wool sweaters and cozy winter outfits.

4) Snuggling under the down comforters with my sweetie. I turn the heat down at night to about 60, so it's nice and chilly....

5) The gym is so crowded, it's pointless to even go! ;)

6) My kids have a whole bunch of new toys, so they don't hassle me as much.

7) It's a great time to roast a whole turkey or chicken- it heats the house up and smells great!

8) Football- from Bowl Games to NFL Playoffs, these are the best football games of the year.
9) It's a great time to thrift- all those people who made New Year's resolutions to declutter bring their goodies to the thrifts!

What do you like (or dislike) about January?


  1. I love staying indoors and snuggled up on the couch with a good book.

    Simmering soup on the stove and a good stew in the crockpot.

    Puttig away the Xmas decorations makes me feel good and sad at the ame time. I will miss the lights

  2. I'm roasting a chicken tonight, and I baked pasta yesterday. Mmm, good smells, yummy food and snuggling.
    I love the bit about the gym being too crowded!

  3. Yes! I love wearing my snuggly clothes, winter food, and right now taking things down and starting new. I've been doing this all week, thinking, why do I do this? Go overboard for the holidays by decorating with my stuff? Well, it makes each little holiday and passage of time special. And - then, the meaning of each phase of the year is etched more in our hearts and minds.

  4. I love a big pot of pansies on the patio for a splash of sunny yellow against the gray sky. I love the red berries on my nandina bushes. I love making a big pot of stew and inviting family to share it with me.