Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clothing Question, Pt. II (a.k.a. Thrifted Thursday!)

Thanks for all your great input to my previous post. I got to thinking about how I do have some really great stuff, and really just need to wear it. I just decided I should stop making excuses and dress a little nicer. Most of the time!

I'm not really big on New Year's resolutions- most of the time you're setting yourself up for failure. But I think resolving to dress a little better and wear more vintage is more of a "lifestyle adjustment" than a resolution, right? ;)

So without further ado, here's an outfit I picked up while thrifting this past weekend. I found a great vintage Catalina skirt with a button-up front at Goodwill for $3.99. And bonus: it has pockets created by the buttoned-up sides! The pockets are lined with a rose-colored nylon.

I found a top at a different thrift store (for $2) that matches the skirt lining color almost exactly. It's a modern (Target's Merona brand) short sleeve knit top, but it is very similar in style to a 1930s top. Paired with the skirt, a skinny belt, some great argyle tights (Target again) and 1940s oxfords, I think it's a better overall vintage look that my last outfit. :D

Now I have to go through my hats and find something gray...


  1. I think that's very cute! I kind of like modern things that look vintage because often they just feel better and more comfy. Old Navy right now has snap-front print blouses with a different pattern on the reverse of the collars and sleeves. So cute! (How sad that I am not supposed to be spending money, lol)

  2. Very nice!
    I should also strive to dress nicer this year. That is a good "change".



  3. Just to let you know, after I showered from the gym, I put on one of my vintage dresses and have my hair in rollers. ;)


  4. Good for you! Hair is my downfall. Maybe my resolution this year should be to figure out something to do with my hair...

  5. I just wet-blocked the sweater I kntted last spring but never finished (sewing the seams and picking up for the neck ribbing).

    And I cast on for another! Both are 30s patterns.

    I also did a lot of mending and ironing...I'm getting there too. It's a good season for it!