Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Clothing Question

I have a question for all you vintage clotheshorses: do you limit yourself to just one era? Do you do just 30s, just 50s, late 60s, or do you mash it all up? Do you change it up on a daily basis?

I'm curious, because I've been finding a lot of 60s/70s clothes lately and while that is not my preferred style, they are easy to incorporate into a "vintage" wardrobe. I am wearing a 70s turtleneck sweater right now, and the nice thing about it is that it's not too precious to wear. Plus, I can just throw it in the washer. (Yes, it has a high polyester content...) It's a little too emo for my comfort zone, though- I feel like I should be wearing skinny jeans and a watch cap, and that is so not me.

If I had an unlimited clothing budget, ideally my style would be 1930s dresses with a couple 1940s suits and skirts thrown in. But that is just not what I have in my closet, and it's not really practical for me to dress like that right now while I'm home with my rugrats. Back before I had kids, when I was a working professional, I favored a classic 50s style of pencil skirts and cardigans.  I still have quite a few of those, but my dry-cleaning bills would be horrendous!

So this is what works for me, and it's all the vintage I can manage sometimes. How about you?


  1. I do stick with 40s and 50s, but I incorporate modern pencil skirts and cotton blouses into my day to day wardrobe. Today I am wearing a red pencil skirt from pin-up girl clothing and a black vintage angora sweater from the 50s. I just don't like the cut and style of late 60s and 70s stuff. I also don't like the fabrics. Just my preference!

  2. I'm probably 90% 60's/70's,as that is what I find the most,and I adore those eras.I'd love to do more 50's,but have to make my own,as in NZ it's hard to find and expensive when you do.I do like to mix it up though,as much as possible! It's all about fun AND functionality!
    O,and I loathe ironing,therefore crimplene is my best friend!

  3. If the sky were the limit, it would be primarily 1930 - 1936 for me.'s not the limit...

    I find that nearly all good "classic" stuff can be tweaked into something I like.

    Therefore there are lots of good wool skirts, handknitted socks, and simple sweaters in my daily wardrobe. And vintage dungarees.

    At the moment I'm plotting the design and / or knitting of some more very plain, classic sweaters.

    My vintage wardrobe stretches from about 1920 to 1963.

    And for evening I definately go 1920s or 30s if at all possible, though I'll wear other eras if the garment is really wonderful.

  4. Cute sweater, SusieQT :) And, interesting question...

    I love most clothing from the 20s to the early 60s. In a perfect world, I'd be wearing something from any of those eras all the time, but the reality of my closet is something else again.

    I used to regularly wear 40s/50s skirts and dresses, but changes in weight caused me to sell quite a few things. Lately, it seems more difficult to find items earlier than 60s/70s at a price I can afford.

    To make a long story short, er, I mean, longer ;) ... I mix the vintage I DO have with modern-ish items to give the impression of old-timeyness. :)

  5. I mix all the time.Like yourself i a)can't afford to be a purist so my wardrobe has clothes from the 50's,60's,70's as well as modern & repro .And b)it's not always practical to be totally dressed in vintage clothes when you have 4 kids & constantly doing housework,grocery shopping,nappy changing etc
    Sometimes what i wear depends what mood i'm in .Fopr example i'm in a Frida Kahlo mood at present so i have been wearing alot of peasant/gypsy/mexican styles with lots of bright colours & flowers.
    I'm with Helga ,crimplene is awesome!

  6. I mix up my clothes to, i still like to be an individual and create my own style but using and wearing vintage clothes and items from the 50's, 60's and 70's. I think its a case of finding your own identity and what your most confortable with. Happy new year to you. Dee ;-)