Friday, January 21, 2011

Practice in Time Vintage on Etsy: Vintage and Value!

After years (literally!) of saying so, I've finally gone and done it. I have finally opened my Etsy shop:

I'm adding inventory slowly, but starting with the absolute best of the best. These are the pieces I've selected over the years I've been buying vintage clothes, which I feel to be the highest quality. Those of you looking for things to wear to Viva- now is your chance to shop, before the goodies are gone!

Some of them will be hard to part with, like the black Asian-inspired 50s dress- that is so killer!!!!
But I'm done kidding myself that I will ever fit into some of them. My loss (or lack thereof? LOL) is your gain!

And all the menswear I've bought over the years for hubby- he will only wear vintage to a few events, and doesn't need a closet it's going to the shop!

Then the kids clothing... man, I have bought some incredible stuff that my kids grew out of so fast. Some they never had a chance to wear.  Watch for those to be uploaded soon.

I will add a Bargain Basement section once I have all the other categories done. I can't believe how much work it is to measure, take photos and get the listing done, all while fending off two little "helpers" that want to help me measure!

So take a look- click on the photos at right- and let me know what you think. I know that I need to take better pictures; I am just really bad at that. But any advice you experienced sellers have for a newbie? I've never even bought anything on etsy, so I have 0 feedback....

And, if you are a follower, I will take 25 % off any purchase between now and March 1!


  1. I've got my eye on the men's two tone shirt for my husband :-)

  2. Hey good luck! I bet you'll have some good stuff up there, only wishing I was not in downscaling mode, haha!

  3. Nicely set up, Sue. I'll keep you in mind.

    Let me know when you begin to put the kids stuff up; a few of my vintage-loving friends have just had babies!

  4. Kim- that is a great shirt. It's definitely not large, though- make sure he fits the measurements!

    Eileen- I will hopefully get some of the kids stuff up this coming week- I would say most of it is larger than 18 months, so you've got some time!

  5. Good luck with it all, its lovely to follow and make a dream a come true ;-)) Dee

  6. Congratulations!I'll go & have a look now & add you to my favourites:)

  7. You have some lovely things!The vested gentress skirt is so cute,sadly too small for me.Their designs are so sweet.
    May i suggest putting up a white sheet in the background or even finding a plain light coloured wall in your house?
    Corners often look good,maybe with a vintage picture of some sort either side.
    Outside shots with a pretty background,like a woodland/forest setting or a flowered garden can be effective too.
    I hope you don't mind me suggesting that,it's just that i see alot of clothing pics on etsy & it being a little more artsy than ebay people appreciate nice pics and sometimes will even buy or look at a particular seller more often because of the sellers overall layout when taking pics.
    Anyway,just my 2 cents:)

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. It is hard to find a good place to photograph, and especially because my dress form is not easy to lug around- I swear it weighs 100 pounds! The lighting is my biggest problem- either too bright or too dark. Once spring comes I plan to do outdoor photos, tho. I'm thinking about setting up a corner in the basement with a backdrop & a photog light...

  9. Good luck!

    One piece of advice I'd suggest is to buy a few things on Etsy while waiting to sell. Make sure to ask the seller to leave you feedback. People may feel more comfortable buying something from someone who has a few positives to their name.


  10. Haha- good idea. And whatever I buy will be a "business expense"! LOL