Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: Lawn Furniture, part. 4

Today's trash-picked item is one of those things I love but rarely do I come across. I love vintage lawn furniture (obviously, or we wouldn't be on part 4 of the subject...) and especially spring or motel chairs. I know they're out there at auctions and antique stores, but I usually don't have the time or the money to shop those places. So I'm left to trash pick or thrift them when I can. I don't know why, but I've never had great luck finding them.

This is my one and only trash-picked motel chair. It's obviously seen better days (hmmm, maybe that's why it was in the trash?) but I will fix it up eventually. I like to call it the Lincoln Chair- because if you look at the rust spot on the back, you can see through it.  It is actually a bullet hole (really a shotgun slug, I believe.) Once I get the seat welded and the paint stripped, I think I'll leave the bullet hole there just for kicks. :P


  1. i have a shell back chair that matches this one! (with out the bullet hole! haha) I fixed mine up and painted it hot Pink (My girlfriend at the Time picked the color) and now the hard part is finding a twin. I swear thats why I scoop up a set of chairs when they are matching in 2's and some times 4's no matter what style they are. But it is easier to pick them up 1 at a time! haha when I go out "hunting" i usually look for people's houses wiht junky front yards, because they are the ones who are willing to part with them!

  2. I've been gonna paint my chairs since Summer started. Got the paint and everything...now to just do it! One can never have too many shell chairs. Zoot

  3. I like it---what color do you think you will paint it?

  4. Probably dark green with cream arms to match my other chairs. I'm not as adventurous as Mick! ;)

    The prepping and painting is not a big deal for me, but I do need someone to weld the crack in the seat first, which is why I haven't done anything with it yet!