Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School!


Today my baby boy starts Kindergarten. I'm excited for him and glad for the bit of free time I will have in the afternoons now. But I can't help thinking about how it seems like these last five years have gone so quickly! And a little bit apprehensive at watching him get on the bus and going somewhere all by himself.

Someone once told me that when you have kids, "the days drag on but the years fly by." How true that is!

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  1. Oh boy, I remember that feeling. The air just smells fresh on the first school morning..different. Then, they get on that big yellow bus and they're gone. I feel my heart sink, but rejoice at the same time. My oldest will turn 38 tomorrow, and I feel I should be that age or younger. My youngest is 20 and my middle son is 36. It did go very fast. Zootsuitmama