Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: Lawn Furniture, part. 3

While watching American Pickers last night, I was reminded of the aluminum strap chairs of my childhood. Way back before those collapsible chair-in-a-bag things, these were the portable go-to outdoor furniture we took to the beach, outdoor concerts, etc. We had plenty of these at our house, including a chaise lounge very similar to this one. 

I'm sure they only cost a few dollars new, and they're not hard to find for a few bucks in thrift stores. So I was quite surprised to see Mike of the Pickers pay $15 for a decent example on last night's episode.

And I got this one for free! OK, it needs some new strapping, but that's easily found here, and there's a how-to here.

I plan to re-web it with green and tan; watch for a future post on the finished project.


  1. I watch that show! We had chairs just like that and one that we had put you on your butt if you werent careful if you know what I mean!

  2. I have a red one a lot like this! But we dont use it much, althought its old it never really fit in with my other metal lawn chairs! (speaking of I got 4 more today!) Looking forward to the re-strapping!

  3. Oh I just can't watch that show, especially when I hear that they do things like spend $15 on something that we can still get for a few bucks. They have incredibly deep pockets unlike the rest of us. That being said, they do come up with some incredible finds. And so do you!!!