Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: I like toast and jam...

I pulled this 1950s chrome toaster out of that same dumpster where I found the old coffee urn. (You remember the one behind the rummage sale building where the church ladies got rid of all their unwanted kitchen stuff, right? ;) )

After a little elbow grease and a lot of Nu-finish polish, it cleaned up beautifully. It appears to have been hardly used- even the cloth cord is still in mint condition. I plugged it in and "toast-tested" it and it made perfectly golden toast every time.

I gave it to my brother who needed a toaster for his new house, since I already have a very similar one that my dad got new back in 1962. And yep, he got it when he opened a new bank account. True story...


  1. I have a whole collection of chrome small kitchen appliances all bought for $5 or less about 10+ years ago when thrift stores were full of these. =)

    I'm sure I have that one, too.

  2. I wonder why the church ladies didn't donate it? Oh well, at least you rescued it and gave it a good home.

  3. You have crazy-good luck with that stuff! Looks lovely!

  4. Thats a lot like myt 1950's toaster! I found it in my great grandmothers store house! When she died, they took the food out of the fridge, and shut of the gas and water and walked away. over the years we've fille dit with pacl ratted stuff but if you dig deep enough and in the right places you can find some GREAT stuff!