Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tea for Two (or 14)

I've decided to do some de-cluttering and move out some of the things I've been holding onto for a long time. I have had these cup and saucer sets for a while, some I inherited, some I bought. But my tastes have changed and it's time for them to find new loving homes. And lets face it, with two small kids running around, these are a pile of china shards waiting to happen. 

So, here are some of my favorites before we say goodbye:

Flow blue Art Nouveau-style Luneville.

*le sigh*    Teeny tiny Limoges demitasse cup with dragonfly handle.

Holiday-themed Austrian porcelain.

Farewell, friends. I hope you go to a loving cottage in the garden and are truly enjoyed with tea and scones.


  1. Really pretty, but I know what ya mean! Our tastes do change and at least someone who loves our things will get some pleasure from them!

  2. I'm about to do some weeding of my cabinets too. Sometimes it's necessary, but it's hard to say goodbye to old friends. I love the little dragonfly sweet.

  3. Very nice, you could have a party and give them away as the favors.