Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I hate about Etsy

First off, I love Etsy. I love having a shop there, I love the community surrounding it. I get it. But apparently some people do not.

In the past several months I have had some experiences with people in the Etsy world that really make me go hmmmm....

I mean, what is it about the internet that gives people the right to criticize, complain and be a general jerk?

I guess since my shop has grown and I've had some success, people feel like they should be able to get something for nothing or just feel free to express their opinion and think it matters. Well, to a point they are right- they do have the freedom to convo me virtually anonymously and tell me this or that. They're entitled to their opinion and all, but to actually believe that I care about it is another story entirely!

Yesterday I had the amazing luck to score a mint condition Cathrineholm fondue pot and all the accessories at a yard sale. You all are very knowledgeable about these things, most likely, so probably wouldn't bat an eye when I put it in my shop for $125. In fact, I did my research- I couldn't find another like it on ebay, and there was only one other (in not as good condition) on Etsy for $150. It think it's a fair price, and I am always willing to negotiate a bit, so I leave room for that. Additionally, I have a standing coupon code (PIT20OFF) of 20% off to all returning customers and blog/Twitter/facebook followers. You guys could buy it for $100, or even a little less and still get a great deal.

And this lady, who has a shop with nothing but frilly country kitsch, has the gall to convo me and complain that I'm "overpriced three-fold!" I'm sorry, I'm still laughing...what was that about? Do me a favor and stick to what you know, lady. This ain't your average thrift store fondue pot from Kmart.

The other week, I had someone convo me about an item I have listed. He has zero feedback; just registered that day- you know where this is going. He wanted to ask if I was negotiable on an item I have listed for $99. Of course, I replied; "What are you thinking on it?"

His response- "How low would you go?"

Dude- I can see right now you think you're going to get this for like $10- no chance. But I play along and say, "My bottom dollar would be $65" That's 1/3, off- not a bad deal for just asking. But I bet you're not surprised when I never heard back from him.

And I'm sure those of you on Etsy have all had those buyers that ask for a special price, have you create a reserved listing for them and never follow through on the purchase. Man, I wish there was a way you could leave feedback for that kind of non-buyer, don't you?

Another thing that I dislike is when another seller comes to you and says- "I don't have any money, but would you be willing to trade that dress for something in my shop?" This has happened to me on at least three occasions recently and, while I am definitely not opposed to the idea of trading, I usually never find anything in their shop that I want, or that fits. How do you politely say, 'I don't like anything in your shop- 80s dresses/quilts/scrapbooking supplies/etc. are not my thing?' LOL I usually just don't reply back and they must think I'm a jerk (so maybe I am?)  At least if you're suggesting a trade, have a similar shop to mine- obviously that is what I like!

Or my favorite- 'send me this dress for nothing and I will give you free add space for a month on my blog.'
I dunno- not exactly a win-win for everyone.

Well, thanks for letting me get some of that off my chest- leave me a comment and feel free to share your strange Etsy (or ebay) selling, or shopping experiences!


  1. You know, I have never even considered trying to get a lower price on something on Etsy. If I don't like the price on an item, I pass it by. I have been frustrated this past week with a seller on there through. They are supposed to be making a custom vinyl decal for me, but they have stopped communicating with me. Thankfully, I haven't paid them anything yet!

  2. I had an Etsy shop but I just don't like the hassle of packing and mailing stuff. At that time I was selling glass so now that I'm doing costume jewelry it might be the right time to reopen. I didn't even know you could try to haggle with sellers on Etsy--I do it all the time with eBay sellers, though, even without the Make An Offer option. Doesn't hurt to ask. And I agree--if you don't like the price, pass it by. Obviously the country kitsch lady has nothing better to do with her time (since I can't imagine she's selling anything!) so she runs around the internet telling people their stuff is overpriced! By the way, I adore the fondue pot!

  3. I know exactly where you're coming from. I ran an animal feed store for almost ten years and had the same thing happen on almost a daily basis. The new customers would always be like "If I buy 20 bales of hay can I have it for X amount?" Usually X amount was over 50% off. I always refused. My cost was way higher then my profit. People seem to think that because you have a store that you're racking in the dough not the case in most stores. Like you said, people can go elsewhere if they don't like the price.

  4. Wow. This is all very surprising to me. However, I have had similar interactions with people about items on Craigslist. In fact just today someone asked how low I would go on an item. What? What happened to offering an amount and then bargaining?

  5. We occasionally get snarky remarks too...from people who know nothing about mid-century furniture. We thoroughly research each piece and find out what similar items are going for nationwide. Then we price ours lower. Knowledgeable customers realize that.

    Admittedly, we don't offer thrift store prices. We get to estate sales at 2 a.m., scour the thrifts, sit for hours on hard auction house chairs, shell out for cross-country shipping, spend hundreds for professional restoration and pay high store overhead...all so our customers don't have to do any of that.

    We're in business to make a reasonable profit, so we're not going to come way off our asking price, but we're usually willing to do some bargaining. However, the person who has just made a rude comment is never going to get a deal.

    And you're right. $125 is a very fair price for that Cathrineholm fondue pot! Miss Country Kitsch should tend to her own store and let you tend to yours.

  6. I've had people try to talk me down in price and also, want to trade. I never go down in price because I price my stuff pretty darned low to start with and with the trading person, I really didn't see anything so I just told them I'd watch their shop and let them know if I ever did.

    My story is about these amazing Asian prints that I had. The kind of thing that you want to keep but sell because you know that someone would appreciate them more. I sold them and then the person left me horrible feedback about how they looked like something that "you could get in a thrift store for fifty cents". I mean, they looked in person just like they did in pictures. There were no surprises. I guess that's my complaint - when people have issues but don't email you to even TRY to work it out. They just leave crappy feedback.

  7. I am defiantly right there with you with all the Etsy BS. I am currently having mixed feelings about leaving and just selling from my own blog. I get convo's all the time people wanting to buy and have me make things and I write them telling them absolutely and then I hear nothing else from them. I even made three signs for a lady who she seemed very interested we had talked back and forth for a couple weeks. I finished the signs emailed her and i haven't heard from since that has been over a month! I am just very frustrated and unsure what to do. I know a lot of people of success with etsy but not me so far.
    Thanks for honesty!