Friday, August 19, 2011

Flea Market Friday: Rummage Sale Goodness

We/re getting back in the swing of things after a couple lazy vacation weeks. Hit a rummage sale today and found a few things:

A juice decanter which matches a couple of orange juice glasses I had:

My son made homemade lemon/lime ade with about a dozen lemons and limes to break it in. He had been wanting to make it for ages and it is a good lesson in proportions- not too much sugar/water vs. the # of fruit. He's been helping quite a bit in the kitchen this year.

A Fisher Price A-Frame playhouse. I had never heard of this set; I think I had just about all of them when I was a kid. My mom still has them at her house for my kids to play with. It's pretty neat and my daughter took a liking to it. (Heck, I did too!)

And last but not least, everyone's favorite paint-by-numbers subject:

This one is going to my Etsy store and I know you all are dying to own it! Watch for it in the next couple of days. Plus all my blog followers get 20% off by entering coupon code PIT20OFF. Wouldn't he be perfect for your bedroom? LOL


  1. I have a bunch of those Fisher Price sets too! My kids love them and since no kids there age has them, it's always a real novelty for them when they come over to play. Like you, I never heard of the A-Frame set either. I have pieces of a hospital, never had that one. One of my favorites was the school. : )

    Now I need to decide whether to keep them for possible grandkids someday, but my house is so small and the pieces take up so much space!

    Great finds!

  2. I know that A-frame! I loved playing with it at a friend's house and still would like to live in an A-frame cabin.
    The juice pitcher is a great score as well.

  3. My husband is in the other room wanting to know why I' m squealing. Oh. My. God. That A-Frame was by far my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE TOY IN THE UNIVERSE. !!! That is crazy! It came with yellow beds with pink foam for the upstairs, and I think a grill and picnic table and benches for the downstairs, plus the family. I always called them "potty people" when I was little because I thought their chairs looked like little potty seats, lol. Thanks so much for sharing, you made my night!!!

  4. I remember those A frame toys! That is cool that you still have yours for the kids! Love the clown, but not my style ! LOL, it can go with a couple of clown items on my etsy!

  5. Congrats on finding the decanter that matches your glasses. I love when things like that happen. I also love kids helping in the kitchen. :)