Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's in Your Fridge?

Since it's 90 + degrees here I thought it might be fun to do something cool.  Like, open your fridge door and stand in front of it cool.

So let's see what's in everyone's fridges!

First, all the beverages are kept in the vintage fridge. Check out your local supermarket for throwback 7Up in glass bottles- I just got these recently!

Here's our "regular" fridge- some good stuff, like homemade preserves, mint iced tea, a pound of bacon (BLTs tonight!) and leftover fajitas from last night. A couple of little pyrex fridgies filled with sliced limes and lemons. Fresh-picked green beans in an enamelware bowl.

And some not so good stuff, like week-old mac & cheese and open containers of yogurt.

And yes, that is a pint of limoncello in the bottom of the door- going to mix some of that into my iced tea later on.... or maybe now... ;)

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  1. hahaha It sure is hot out there! Been out gardening all day and I'm about done, but the veggie garden looks good again!

    We also have lots of green beans in the fridge and freezer. Green beans = the plant that just keeps on giving...I looked and they need to be picked yet again...crazy beans!

    Stay cool!

  2. No kidding- I just picked some more too. Time to can some, I think. I just got done canning a batch of applesauce, too- why is it that things need to get canned on the hottest days of the year?!

  3. My fridge is always disgusting. It's so embarrassing!

  4. Our fridge is quite small for a family of 4 (by modern standards). I have to keep it tidy or I won't have any room! :)

  5. Yes, I'm picking beans again! Your fridge is so neat! I need to clean out before I put mine on display! That's funny, that you also use two fridges. My vintage one is in the kitchen and the newer one is in the BASEMENT!!lol