Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trash Picked Tuesday: Cage Free

I have been looking for the right object to use as a side table on my patio for quite a while. I have tried various items, like old wooden milk crates (too small) and upside down galvanized tubs (too low). I kind of like a vintage/industrial/found object vibe outdoors, but nothing really worked.

Until I found this out by the curb a few weeks ago:

At first I thought it was an old lobster trap. Then when I actually got the car turned around and pulled over (in, like, 15 seconds), I realized it was an old rabbit hutch or chicken coop. It's made of weathered teak with wire sides. After a thorough hosing down (it wasn't really bad- hadn't been used in years, I'm sure,) it fits perfectly, and I love its rustic look!


  1. Seriously, you have the *best* trash I've ever heard of, lol. My neighbors only seem to curb their Sauder-type particle board furniture, and torch lamps and stuff :-) It looks really really cool.

  2. Ooooo Nice trash find...I love it! Works great as a shabby chic side table!