Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Outfit Post

This is the outfit I wore to go see Cars 2 last weekend with the family. It's probably one of the very first vintage dresses I ever bought- so long ago I don't remember when or where I got it, and that's something I am usually really good at remembering!

It's leopard print with a shirtwaist collar and cuffed sleeves. It's really comfortable and I wear it often. The shoes are tan and white two-tone oxfords, and I'm wearing a yellow bead necklace and the red and yellow crocheted hair flower Miss Cherry Bubbles sent me!

This was the first time we have ever gone to a movie as a family. We just never go to the movies- we don't have a lot of disposable income and usually we prefer to do other things. But I had some really old (like from 2007) gift cards to use up so we took the kids. They were big fans of the first Cars movie and we thought we'd give it a whirl. (BTW, Cars 1 was much better.)  I think the last movie my husband went to see was Blair Witch (which we hated) so you can see how long it's been.

We went to the matinee just in case the kids got squirmy, but we didn't have to worry. They were both really good and my daughter kept herself busy by eating all the popcorn! 


  1. Love it! I'm so glad you are doing these outfit posts! Yes, going to the movies is usually out of my budget reach lately, but it's fun to go once in a while! Zootsuitmama

  2. I want to see Cars II myself, I may have to borrow someone else's kids though since I don't have any of my own! Good job on saving those movie passes. The movies are more expensive than ever now :-O