Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Why don't people dress their little girls like little girls anymore? This is my daughter Kate, she's 21 months old. The picture is from Christmas Eve when she was dressed for Church. So many people commented on how cute she looked (even after she was crying and miserable and had to be carried out of church- it was past her bedtime); it made me wonder why we ever got away from this style of dressing.

Why do people dress their little girls as if they are 21, with booty shorts and UGG boots (don't get me started on those), and Tshirts with slogans. Why would you want to cover up that innocence, that childlike wonder and the simple delight in dressing up with ads and crass messages all over your children?

And don't even tell me about how much clothing costs these days. You're paying for the privilege of promoting a brand with your child!? This coat and hat set was $2 in a thrift store (as were the shoes) and they've already served at least one generation of children and now they're on mine. They're quality made of wool and leather and made in the USA.

I say let someone else buy that Old Navy junk, that was assembled in some Chinese sweatshop, shipped halfway around the world and plastered with labels. Until my kids are old enough to protest, they'll be wearing vintage -recycled- adorable outfits like these!

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  1. And yes, she does have hands- the sleeves are a little long for her. She's a teeny tiny little thing! :)