Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Download of the Week

Those of you who know me from some of the retro-themed bulletin boards (props to the new/old Retrospect Cafe) may remember that I occasionally posted a "download of the day". Well, I'll try to continue that here, on a more sporadic basis.

Only those songs or albums that are truly worthy will make the cut. I'm definitely not a bandwagon-jumper or a trendsetter; my taste is strictly old school. But I am a "classically-trained musician", for what that's worth (not a lot these days), and I like to think that what I like, most of you will like.

So that brings us to the selection at hand: The Great American Soulbook, by Tower of Power. (get it ) If you like classic soul, like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Hall & Oates, or even the rockin' horn-driven sound of Chicago, you will love this album. Even if you're an Amy Winehouse fan, or better yet, a Sharon Jones fan, this is for you. It's the perfect album for cruising around with the windows down- cool, but with that retro vibe. And without the vulgar language that Amy Winehouse brings- meaning I can play it when my kids are in the car.

1 comment:

  1. If you just want to choose a single song to download, I recommend "Mr. Pitiful", featuring the legendary Sam Moore.