Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I heart the 80s!

Hello Friends, it's good to have you here!

Recently I was asked by my parents to go through my stuff in their attic- I don't know about you, but I love going through attics! I had totally forgotten what was up there. I knew some of it was junk- like a lot of old text books and school papers. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of stuff from my childhood in the 80s that I thought was long gone.

It's good to be a hoarder. Because later on you find stuff like this that your younger self thought was important to save!

 I was just reminiscing with a friend about these plastic charm necklaces. I actually think I had another one on a red chain- maybe as I dig further into the boxes I brought home I will find it. But I am just waiting for an opportunity to wear this one again. ;)

Another 80s memory was Garbage Pail kids. I LOVED these (obviously- there are probably about 200 here!) I think I have almost all of the first 3 series. I was looking at some on Etsy not long ago, and wondering whatever happened to mine. Thanks again, hoarder self!

 My kids totally do not understand these! Oh well, I don't get Pokemon either.

Remember Trapper Keepers? Go search for them on Etsy. But make sure you're sitting down- they aren't cheap! I actually look for these when I'm out thrifting, and have never found one. But now I found my own from 6th grade (1987) and all of the original folders! Too bad it's in piss poor shape or I'd have made myself a nice bit of cash. I think I'll use mine to hold my magazine clippings and such- way cooler than the plain brown accordian file I have been using.

And Swatches! I still have my original ones, and I buy them whenever I see them thrifting. They are so fun, I still wear them. I have some listed in my Etsy store as well, so you can enjoy them too!

Now if I can find my Coca Cola sweatshirt and my Esprit pants we will be all set. 


  1. I was looking something online (maybe from Buzzfeed) about stuff girls would remember from the '80s. I'm not a girl, but yeah, was into everything my sister was in to. The only thing I didn't remember were the charm necklaces, I can't believe those were popular!

  2. You are killing me! I had all of those things but totally forgot about the charm necklace until this post. Aaaaagh! Wonder what happened to mine? My mom just recently gave me all of my Garbage Pail Kids cards. I have no idea what to do with them. I know I won't get rid of them so maybe they will have to go in my attic for the next 20 years :-)


  3. I had forgotten Garbage Pail Kids. My daughter had those!

  4. Hi Susie, looks like you struck it rich,lol. It's fun going back in time, don't ya think?

  5. Totally Rad! Hehe treasure in the attic!

  6. I had every bit of that. Had so many of those charms, I had two necklaces for them all. I remember my favorite was a blue umbrella that the stem was an ink pen. No idea where they may be these days though. I saw a Swatch ad in some magazine just the other day and it totally made me miss my old one. Good memories. Love this post!