Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birthday Thrift Crawl 2014!

Hello Friends, it's good to have you here!

So, last post was the pre-Birthday Thrift Crawl post, and this is the one with my finds from my actual single-day Thrift Crawl. Which actually fell on my birthday this year, March 1st! I got to 6 stores over about 40 miles in 4 hours. I got a bit of a late start because I had to go to my son's hockey game (he scored 2 goals!) and also got to stop in and visit with an old friend before ending up at my parents' house for dinner. It was a good day. And as I get older it's so much less about the stuff, and much more about the experience...but then again there is always plenty of stuff!

So on with it...

This set of Kromex canisters was a lucky find. They were all scattered about the store and priced individually came to less than $5 total. They're in great shape- I took them over to the booth.

Of course, I am looking for Pyrex first and foremost. The Butterprint 401 and the unmarked green 403 are duplicates for me, so they went over to the booth. I have been looking for this green for a long time, because it enabled me to complete an unmarked primary set for the booth- I have had no luck selling them separately so will try it this way. It's in great condition- amazing for being close to 70 years old!

I found the square flowers 473 at my first stop- and it was a gold mine for Pyrex! Also at that same store I found an unmarked opal 403, and a pixie. This is the second birthday thrift crawl in a row where I found pixies, and I have never found them any other time, go figure. 

I also found this sad excuse for a pink stripe 401

...but it was only 99 cents so I couldn't leave it there. And I don't know about you, but I have never seen pink stripes in person, so yeah, I'll bring it home and love it. But look what I found the next week (last week, at a different store)- mommy stripe! And this one is near perfect! Who knew? Pink stripes in the wild!

 I found this cute nursery set as well. I don't know the maker, but it is really sweet, and has all its pieces in great shape. I wish I had this when my son was a baby- and I don't know anyone else expecting a boy baby, so I will probably list it on Etsy or take it to the booth.

At this point in my travels things were really getting picked over. It's not surprising that almost all the good stuff was found early. I should make a reverse trip some time and see if the stores farthest away are good first thing on a Saturday morning...but I pride myself on my ability to find something good in any store, any time. And I think this is pretty good:

It's an oil painting, almost 3 ft wide. No frame, but I can tell by the stretcher and the keys that it is likely pre-WWII (see, Mom, that museum degree comes in handy!) It's not in the best of condition, but certainly worth the $15 I paid. I have a small collection of vintage landscape paintings at our cabin up in the mountains- this will fit right in!

And this is my last find of the trip- a vintage chenille bedspread. But not your average floral or even a peacock. No, this one has 120th INF (Infantry) 30th DIV (division) and the division herald. I have never seen a military-themed chenille bedspread before- they are usually very feminine. So if you are looking for a full size chenille bedspread with somewhat of a different theme, check it out in my Etsy shop! It's in mint condition- not a mark on it. And as always, since you all are such loyal readers, enter coupon code PIT20OFF and you will get 20% your order!


  1. I wouldn't have left that pink stripes either - I don't own one striped bowl!!!

  2. You made quite a nice haul on your thrift crawl. I hope you had a happy birthday.

  3. Pink Stripes & Pixies on your birthday?! I'd say it was a good day!


  4. Happy birthday! I've never seen a black Pyrex bowl is that the rarest?

    1. John, that is actually green. A plain black Pyrex bowl would be rare indeed. To my knowledge there aren't any. But there are black with brown stripes bowls that are fairly common, so it could exist if there was a factory mistake somehow.

  5. Hi Susie, Happy Birthday. Looks like another good haul.

  6. What great stuff! And wow, I've never dreamed of a bedspread like that!