Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Luck O' The Irish

OK, well, I'm not even the slightest bit Irish, but they say everyone is a little Irish on St. Patty's day! I certainly had some good luck yesterday.

I found the most amazing jackets and you all will die when I tell you how much they were.

I'm getting my Annie Oakley on in this one- this three-tone fringed buckskin jacket is definitely old, but not that old! I'm leaning toward 40s, but it may be 50s. It is still really soft and supple, though and just an amazing piece. The best part is that it fits me like a glove- like it was made for me back in 1947. I absolutely love it and plan to wear it quite a bit- it's just got a great vintage look that will still pair well with modern. 

This Hudson Bay Point Blanket Coat is something I recently read about on the Tea with the Vintage Baroness blog. I really liked the different styles of them and was shocked that I found one today in the pound store! It's made in Canada from real blankets. It's super heavy and warm and fits me as well. It's tempting to keep it but I think it will go to the shop.

Now for the best part- both coats were 99 cents! Even the manager of the pound store said he had no idea why they were there and that they were really nice coats regardless of price.

This didn't come from the pound store, but it was only $2. I have always loved American Indian beadwork (used to do some as a hobby) and thought this belt was pretty neat. It's much bigger than it appears in the photo- it ties around my waist.

I love this football themed planter- when was the last time you ever saw a masculine planter? It was $1.25.

I bought these milk glass pieces at the pound store as well. I've been buying a lot of custard cups recently, for no real reason other than that they are cute (the back one is a really old FireKing and the front one is "Pyr-O-Rey"). The large milk glass crock is gigantic! I have no idea what it is from, since it is unmarked. It is like the size of a big crock pot crock- perhaps it was from some early version of that. It was only 99 cents though and since I would like to try my hand at making sauerkraut someday, this will be perfect. Or it might end up as a planter- how cool would that be?

Now, you didn't think I would get all that without finding some Pyrex, did you? I almost didn't get any- there was a young couple in there buying up everything Pyrex. I mean they bought everything- 8 beige mugs, 3 autumn harvest red mugs, a bunch of Old Orchard casseroles, things I wasn't really interested in, and thought was overpriced (like $3 a mug). I don't know what it was about me, but I made eye contact with them one time and then heard the guy say to the girl- "We better go back and get the rest of that Pyrex" (off the shelf). How did they know I was looking for Pyrex??? :)  But since I found some green Pyrex on Tuesday, I figured my luck would hold and I found this green (Verde) 404 off on another shelf. 

Here's hoping you have some good luck as well thrifting this week!


  1. Yes, I would say you were super lucky to find those jackets, especially the Hudson Bay one!

  2. Wow - all great stuff, you lucky girl you! Love love love the fringed jacket - congratulations, Miss Oakley ;-)

  3. Great finds. The jackets are fantastic! 99 cents...what were they thinking? LOL! Glad too hear you're keeping the fringed one, love it.