Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pink and Butterprint Pyrex all at once!

Today is a beautiful day here in the Northeast, and after dropping off my daughter at preschool this afternoon, it seemed a shame to head right home. So I thought I'd do a little thrifting- I was hoping to cash in on some after-Christmas clearances at my favorite store close to home.

Well, I had some good luck there with holiday stuff last week, but I guess by this week it was all gone or all packed up for next year. I poked around the nicknacks a bit and then headed back to the housewares. The shelves were pretty crowded but I spotted some pink under it all. A flamingo lasagna pan!

I was pretty excited about this because 1) I collect pink Pyrex (who doesn't?), 2) I have never found a colored pan this size, and 3) I use my clear Pyrex lasagna pans all the time. Woohoo!

So, the trip was already a success.

Then I headed back to the section where they keep the nicer antiques- and don't you hate when a thrift store has a separate section for "antiques"? I have seen some Pyrex there before and it was all overpriced and crappy. Not good.

But today was a good day- three Butterprint fridgies! Two of the large 503s (only one with lid) and one 502 with lid. I scooped them all up and headed to the register. (Even though I already had a 503 at home- these are absolutely mint, and my other one is not.) Once I got them home and washed, they are beautiful- I only need one more 502 to complete the set.

I also found a state glass for 50 cents. It was a great day- so glad I went! And the total for all was $22.00- not too bad for these pieces I think.


  1. You did great! $22 for all that is amazing. Here, we're lucky if we can find one piece of Pyrex for $22. All the thrift stores and antique malls treat it as if it were made of gold.

  2. It really was a good day!!!

    I'm your newest follower!

  3. Hurrah what great finds, you really cleaned up! We use those lasagna pans in a steady rotation at the Casablanca. (i've got 4 of them one yellow, one pink, one turquoise and one green) and they are hands down my most used pieces, just perfect sized for good casseroles! Butterprint is also one of my FAVORITE patterns, especially the turquoise on what back ground, it always makes me smile.

  4. Do you use your vintage Pyrex? I had been and then on night while baking a meatloaf my Pyrex cracked, now I'm deathly afraid of using it, and that's all I have to cook with!

    1. I do! And even some of the rarest pieces I have, like the starburst promo:

      Was your meatloaf dish old or newer? I've heard the newer Pyrex pieces are prone to that, so I stick with my old ones.

  5. Those are some amazing finds!...especially at that price! Butterprint is easily amongst my favorite patterns.

  6. Not bad? I'd say so! Good for you, you did amazingly well. I love my Pyrex and use it all the time.