Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MCM Thrift Success!

One of the things I've learned in the brief time I've had my antique store booth is that Mid Century Modern sells. That was very much contrary to my expectations, since I live in a small country town. I loaded up on rustic stuff and country kitsch. And surprisingly, most of that is still for sale!

But the modern stuff really sells, and for that I am glad. I feel like I know that market pretty well, and can spot those pieces more easily than most. And there aren't many local dealers that sell it, so until they catch on I can have the buyers to myself.

I've been looking for that stuff when I thrift, and here's what I found today:

I bought this MCM vase. It is marked "PC (copyright) USA". I have no idea what "PC" stands for (anyone?), but I do know that I like the form and the contrast between the matte body and the glazed ovals. It's also hard to see in my photo, but the ovals are overlapping light and dark all the way around. 

I bought this bamboo planter for me- I collect yellow and green mid century planters, and this fits that bill.

These are pieces of Homer Laughlin Riviera Ware, a cousin to Fiesta Ware. I love Riviera, and if it were more plentiful would try harder to collect it. The colors are similar to Fiesta, but the scalloped shape is distinctive and so 1930s. These were 50 cents each; clearly the thrift did not know what they had!

This last is a bit of a dilemma. I saw this last time I was at this store and didn't buy it. I didn't love it. I still don't. But it really has a mid century vibe going on. It's an unsigned oil painting with a lot of heavy texture, and it's a landscape, which I haven't seen much in mid century art. Landscapes always sell, plus it has a kind of bleak minimalist look. 

It does have green tones that match my green bench, plus I like the size of it. 
I don't know, what do you guys think- keep it or resell it?


  1. Keep the painting a while, see if you like it and if not resell it.

  2. I really like that painting, you should keep it, it is very interesting and good. Most of the oil painting I see at the thrift store are pretty bad.

  3. I love it when I score something awesome that the thrift store obviously doesn't realize they have! It's treasure!

  4. I would probably hang the painting at home to see if it grows on me, but I'd go ahead an list it on etsy. If I started to love it before it sold, I'd figure it was meant to be mine and take the listing down, but if it sold first, I'd take that as a sign that the perfect painting was still out there waiting for me.

  5. To my eye, it's got a kind of menacing scary tree look...sell it! Quick! Before those trees walk right out of that frame! 8-)

    1. Haha Crystal- I actually thought about saving it until Halloween. I kind of dig that about it, though.

    2. True! But I think I see some flying monkeys ... yikes!

  6. I love that bamboo planter! I would definitely sell that watercolor. If MCM sells in your booth, if you don't love it, SELL IT!

    Have a great week!


  7. I agree with all above! I love the bamboo planter, wish I could find one like that to keep my wooden spoons in. I have a neat ceramic bamboo planter that hangs on the wall, its above the stove and it holds about 4 wooden spoons.