Friday, December 28, 2012

A Vintage Christmas

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Chez QT, so here are a few snapshots of some of my vintage Christmas decorations. (Forgive the dark shots, it was nighttime and my camera is not a good one!)

This is the decoration on the back of my front door. Mercury picks, reflectors, glittered pinecones- all original!

My Christmas blow molds. For some reason I have not been able to find a snowman- yet- but check back next year! The pair of angels I actually bought deadstock from Sines. 

I have a pair of these vintage stockings- aren't they cute?

 I decorate our live tree with only vintage ornaments. 
I love looking at them- I could look at these all day....

These are really huge- that blue one in the lower right is regular size!

I love bubble lights with vintage ornaments!

My aluminum tree- it's only 2 feet tall. I decorate around the bottom with vintage aluminum corsages. The tree topper I just found this year. (See my Pyrex trying to sneak into the picture?)

Some of the ornaments on the aluminum tree. I love these homemade eggshell dioramas. All of these ornaments are vintage miniature size ones.

Some of these balls are really tiny- the one in the center and the one at lower right are only about
 an inch in diameter!

I actually have vintage window candles too- these have red and green bakelite bases with red cardboard tops. 

Hope you had a very vintage Merry Christmas!


  1. Love your kitchen cabinets, you have all glass, lucky!!!! I want cabinets like that!

  2. My babysitter when I was very little used to have a light-up snowman (I didn't know they were called blow molds...good to know!) that I just LOVED. There was also a house in our neighborhood with one that we would drive by specially just to look at it. I bet they're hard to find because no one wants to give theirs up.

  3. I love all your decorations, but I especially enjoyed seeing the bells. My grandmother had red ones like them.

  4. Everything looks great, as usual! I could look at all my vintage ornaments all day too. They just remind me so much of when I was little and my Grandma's tree! I am having a blomold giveaway over at Zootsuitmama...sign up!!

  5. Sweet vintage Xmas!

    This is just the way I like it. Bright and shiny!

    Thank you for keeping it vintage and a very Happy New Year to you and your family; may the thrifting gods smile upon you in 2013!


    Miss V :)

  6. Hello Susie QT! Just 'found' you over at Micks (Casablanca). I love vintage too so it will be fun to follow you along your path to vintagedom!! My cupboards are like yours and show off all the not-so-hidden Pyrex.
    Happy New Year and good to meet you.

  7. You have really lovely vintage ornaments. I think they are getting more precious as time goes on and they get rarer and rarer. And glued into all those vintage ornament wreaths!

  8. I have 2 boxes of vintage decorations that I aquired.I really enjoy those old decorations.