Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save the Vintage!

Help! Save the vintage from the Zombies!

More blood-curdling than any horror movie is seeing beautiful vintage clothing ruined by fake blood. While I am all for Halloween and dressing up as monsters (even for adults :) this time of year can be the last hurrah for many vintage frocks. 

Get out there now and cruise those Halloween racks for vintage! It's cheaper than ever (many stores price it at a few $$) and if we don't rescue it, it can end up like above...

I've found some really great items on Halloween racks- this 50s wiggle dress was $1:

This suit- deadstock, still with tags, and now in my Etsy store.

And most amazingly, these Victorian mens shoes, which I just bought yesterday. 

I am shocked to even hold them in my hand. That they even exist after 120 years just blows me away. And that they are still in good enough shape to be worn- the leather is still soft and soles flexible- well, I don't know what to say, except... don't ruin them with fake blood!


  1. A much needed PSA! Those shoes were an amazing find!

  2. Wow, those shoes! I've heard the same thing about stores bringing out vintage and putting them on the "costumes" racks. Yikes. I've ruined one beautiful vintage dress with fake blood. It was about 10 years ago and I STILL feel guilty about it. As I should. I don't know what I was thinking.

  3. I am glad you brought this up. As someone who loves vintage and history, this kind of thing drives me crazy. I am equally bothered by people who take antiques and turn them into craft projects or slather old furniture with glossy paint. If you want a craft project go to the craft store and leave the vintage stuff for people who appreciate it!

  4. I had never thought about people buying vintage clothing for Halloween, but it makes sense, of course. I agree that it's a shame to see something that's lasted for decades be ruined (and probably thrown away) for the sake of one night's party.

  5. Holy crap did you find those shoes at a thrift store!

    1. Yep. It was a high-end one though (if such a thing is possible). I believe they were actually on consignment, but still way cheap.

  6. Wow! Great finds!!! Love the dress and the suit, but those shoes...oh my...can you believe someone just threw them away!?

  7. We must save vintage from fake blood! What incredible finds!!! I saved this 40's jacket 2 years ago: http://lostin1950.blogspot.fr/2012/03/turban-style.html
    Many years ago I also found a nice 50's dress in a costume rack in a thrift store, not my size so I wanted to sell it on Ebay... I took pictures, measured it and looked at the flaws... I was so surprise to find a label on the side of the skirt "NINA RICCI Paris"... A Haute Couture dress from the 50's bought for 1 euro!!! Sold about $600 on Ebay...