Thursday, May 19, 2011

My aprons!

Zootsuitmama asked us to show off some of our aprons, and since I have quite a lot of them, I do believe I will take her up on that!

I may make this a 2 part post, because I have so many. I've decided for now to just show the longer aprons, because these are the only kind I really use. I have dozens of "hostess-style" lower-half aprons, so if I get a chance to photo some of them that will be another post. I really need to move some of those into my etsy store, so I guess I should do some photos ASAP.

Since I prefer the long, bib-type aprons and the upper-half housekeeper's-style aprons, I'll show you my favorites.

Most of these were inherited from my family because they know I love vintage and love to cook! Thankfully my relatives were stocky German ladies and these are plenty big. :)

All of the bib-style aprons were handmade by a relative in the 1930s-50s. I believe many of them are feedsack cotton. This blue one is so practical- I always wear it when I'm working with something likely to stain a lighter fabric, like berries! It's hard to see, but there is rickrack trim around the neck and waist.

I love this one; the pattern is a pansy floral.

This one is my favorite. I just love the red trim and the ruffle at the bottom.

This one is hand-pieced and not the least bit practical. As you can see it has hardly been used- more for hostessing than cooking!

I love this apron. It has a great 1940s look and the pockets are great. I wear this to clean all the time.

A pink gingham rayon apron that I got for a quarter at a yard sale.

This is a child's apron with a Peter Rabbit theme. It is hand embroidered and belonged to my mother as a child in the 1940s.

And since we're looking at aprons, how about some housecoats? I'm putting these two in my Etsy store- if you like them, I will give my blog readers 20% off. Just enter coupon code: PIT20OFF at checkout! Better buy the red one quick before I change my mind and keep it! :P


  1. I love housecoats! They remind me of my grandma...stylish woman :-)

  2. oohh you have some lovely ones there, like the white lace one and the polka dot ones, there so pretty and practical the longer ones i find, dee x

  3. Those are really great! I like the unusual Peter Rabbit one, and how cool is it that your Mom owned it! BTW, it is so clean, she must've been a neat child. I really like the red house coat too. I could see that one as an "out of the house" out fit too.

  4. Love them all!! I especially love the ones that have red and neeeeed to find one for my daughter. She has her own kitchen and wants a "full" one. Mine are mostly the smaller, around the waist kind, except my flamingo one. My friend made it, so I can't give her that one. Love housecoats, too, and have been collecting them lately!

  5. I was going to say I shared your opinion on the favorite and then I saw the bunny apron - it stole my heart. What a nice collection.