Friday, May 27, 2011

Flea Market Friday: Mid Century Modern furniture bonanza!

Hey all- I just had the best yard sale experience in a long time- perhaps ever. Thank goodness my brother still needs furniture in his new house because if I had to just walk away and leave these goodies on the driveway I probably would have regretted it for a long long time!

And I apologize for the pictures- it was all I could do to get these things out of the truck and safely into the garage. They definitely weren't going any further until I had someone to help. I smashed my fingers unloading them by myself- they are solid mahogany. (Don't worry- I'm icing my hand down with a nice cold drink...)

First I bought a new desk for my daughter. It's a little cracked-ice formica-topped steel cabinet with two drawers. Maybe it was originally a sewing table, or a little kitchen desk. With a little polish and some fresh pink paint it will be perfect. A steal at $1!

Then the big boys- a solid wood buffet and hutch from the early 1960s. Made by Broyhill, the label (photo at top) says "Saga". I love the detail on the handles and the starburst door panels. Both pieces look barely used, and have zero scratches. $40 each. I didn't even haggle- the older couple was so nice and helped me load it all up.

There are sliding glass doors for the top of this as well- removed for transport!

And a flying saucer adjustable pendant lamp- $1. Don't hate me! ;)

Last but not least, is a mint condition 1940s sofa that still had the original tag on it for $10. That's still in my truck though until someone helps me move it so photos will have to wait!

There were all kinds of MCM goodies at this sale and I was super excited to still be able to snag these so late in the day! I may go back with my brother again tomorrow and possible buy a bedroom set and formica kitchen set...stay tuned....

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  1. Oh my, that desk is just to cute and will make a perfect little girls desk! Don't ya hate being alone when you find really awesome but heavy things you really want...happens to me all the time! hahaha

    Yay for yard sales!!


  2. Great finds! Can't wait to see the sofa!

  3. hey that furniture looks like some my folks had in the 1960's. Love that desk for one dollar.

  4. omg i do hate you hahah those are awesome deals. for a few bucks i would store those in the attic or garage or anywhere til i had room for them.

  5. The hutch is killing me. It's killing me! How cute! And the desk!

  6. I took some pix of the furniture now in place- watch for pt. 2 of this post on Thurs!