Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrifted Thursday: Pyrex haul!

I need another collection like I need a hole in the head. I have been trying really, really hard not to start collecting Pyrex.

I have failed.

I mean, I always had a couple of pieces. They're just so useful, and so cute. One might even say I had the beginnings of a collection, with some really nice, early pieces from the 1930s, along with some fridgies I bought to replace my plastic containers.

See how easy this is to rationalize? 

I even got a bit of an education over at the wonderful Pyrex Collective sites on which patterns are the most desirable and which ones appealed to me. And we all know that a little education is a dangerous thing!

So I did a bit of thrifting over the Easter holidays last week and scored a couple items in what will probably become "my" patterns, Butterprint and Pink Gooseberry. I'm going to have to limit it to those or I will soon run out of cabinet space.

So enter my first pink gooseberry, a 1 pt. casserole with lid, for $1.25:

And the next day I found the large Butterprint Cinderella bowl at Goodwill for $2.97. It's in perfect shape...sigh...please someone tell my husband that left to its own devices, Pyrex mulitplies on its own...;)


  1. Yes, I've heard Pyrex is somewhat like easter bunnies especially if you own a pink and blue pattern each. It's amazing, you open the cabinet doors in several weeks & there are more sweet pyrex looking back at you. (BTW LOVE the pyrex patterns you choose)

  2. I love the pink and aqua/turquoise ones myself, but have yet to find them out on the troll. Lucky girl! I hit a bit of pay dirt today too ;-)

  3. hahaha...I too, have fallen ill with the dreaded pyrex collecting disease. hehehehe


  4. It makes me smile to see all you younger women learning to love Pyrex. When I was a kid growing up, that's all my grandmothers and my mom had, so I've always used it myself. With the proper care, it will last forever...and won't absorb odors, won't stain, and won't release harmful chemicals when you reheat things. Appeal to your husbands' practical natures. Most of them don't get "pretty."

  5. hahahaha i know what you mean about collecting tons of stuff! those containers are super cute though, i love the contrasting pink and blue colors! =)

  6. Those are gorgeous and such pretty colours. dee x

  7. OMG.... I have that turqouise bowl and my mother had the set... i got mine in an antique shop and had to have it.... you really got a steal of a deal... btw, hi i am bren... surfed into your blog and love it... will be back!!

  8. Love the Pyrex! It's gorgeous!

    You won the Betty Crocker Giveaway on my blog! Please email me your shipping info at radiantphotographer (at) gmail (dot) com. :)