Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at Chez QT

Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to some you some of the things happening around here, including some of my vintage Easter eggs and how we decorate real eggs.

For some reason I was never that into decorating for Easter. But now that I have little ones, it's something we've started to do. This year I shopped the thrifts early and came away with a bunch of vintage Easter Eggs

 A dozen various kinds, $3, including 6 Enesco eggs a couple of faux Pysanky and a carved wooden egg.

This is a real Pysanky egg my high school German teacher made for me. She was actually Ukrainian, but learned German during the war.

Vintage papier mache eggs I picked up at a rummage sale last weekend.

All my eggs in one (vintage tin) basket! The "chocolate" bunny is actually a ceramic one I made in summer camp when I was 12.

We also color hard boiled eggs. We do this probably a little differently than most of you, except those in south-central PA. My dad is from Lancaster County and they use a type of food color paint called Doc Hinkle's, which allows you to paint multiple colors on the eggs, instead of dying the whole egg a single color. I'm not sure if the kits are sold much outside of PA, but you might be able to find them. (The company's website is not much help as far as online ordering.)

It's a fun activity for the kids, but you have to be careful because the eggs need to be painted while they are still hot, and the food coloring will stain your fingers and clothes if you spill it. We do this at my mom and dad's house, and my dad has a few family traditions he maintains. Certain designs, like the blue and yellow one in the tray, might be recognized by my cousins reading this! ;)

The end result. Ready for the Easter Bunny!


  1. That is a splendid collection of eggs you have their. Great idea using qtips to paint the eggs with. My house is still upside down, so I will enjoy your eggs vicariously...
    Happy happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  2. Happy Easter! What fun the kids were having! I can't wait till my grandsons are old enough to decorate eggs with.

  3. My granddaughter would love decorating eggs that way. Great job, it looks like it was a lot of fun.

  4. SO cute! I love seeing the grandparents and kids doing it together! I found some easter egg "poppers" that are made from real eggs, blown out and then filled with confetti. You get to pop them over peoples heads or in your hands. It was fantastic! Next year I'll make some for my godsons. I'll have a whole year to practice!