Friday, December 17, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- A Little Bit of Christmas

I went on a bit of a shopping spree this past Wednesday. I didn't intend to buy anything- I was only at the thrift store to drop some things off, I swear! But then I saw this cute carolers blow-mold for $6. I have a couple other Christmas blow-molds, so I think this is the beginning of a new collection!

Then my son (aka "Eagle Eye") saw this neat salt & pepper set. It's stainless with red plastic trim (not bakelite, but looks like it). On the bottom it's marked "occupied Japan". I imagine that this might have been produced by a former WWII munitions factory, judging by the shape of the canisters (very similar to a 50mm shell casing!) and the precision of the machining- the bottoms unscrew with really fine threads. It was $6.75- not a bargain, but it was too intriguing to pass up.

I bought this souvenir pillow as a Christmas present for myself. Not because my brother was in the Navy (he wasn't), but because I recognize the aircraft from my former life at a Naval aviation museum. The aircraft in the middle left is a Convair XFY "Pogo", an experimental vertical take-off/landing (VTOL) plane, of which only one was flown in late 1954/55. It was a rather bizarre aircraft, so I was surprised to find one depicted here. For $6.50, it's a piece of history I had to have. 

I had to have this handbag! I loved the shape and color. Unfortunately, I didn't look it over as carefully as I should have. The zipper needs to be replaced, and I sure can't do that myself. It's going to be a very expensive repair if I decide to get it done, which I probably won't. Maybe I can find a use for it as a storage container for gloves or scarves.

Last but not least, I bought this 1960's men's jacket for 75 cents. The thrift store where I bought these things has gotten so big (and expensive, IMHO) that they actually opened an "outlet store", where they sell clothes in bins for 75 cents apiece. That's more my price range, so I dug this out, along with a pair of 1930s suit trousers, and a few cardigans. The suit trousers are high waisted with a watch pocket in a wool herringbone. They actually fit me (I'm 5'2") so I'm keeping them to wear myself, a la Katharine Hepburn. ;)

The jacket (also the blue rayon 40's shirt behind it- so cool!) above is destined to go to the Etsy shop I'll be opening in the new year. My plan is to pass my bargains on to my customers, so you can be sure you'll get a good deal as well! I'll let you all know when the grand opening will be, and maybe we can have a virtual grand opening party!


  1. ok... i'm loving the salt and pepper set!

  2. :D Thanks, A! Got your card today- cute!
    You're going to love the next post too- watch for it Saturday night...


  3. You always find such great stuff.Love the salt & pepper set & the pillow & the pants sound fab,i love Katherine's style:)
    How exciting that you are opening an etsy store,i can't wait to see it!