Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help me update our look!

I'm thinking about doing some re-decorating here at the PIT. I definitely want to change the look of the page, and add a couple new features. I know some of you have designed your own headers and I am totally in awe of that. I'm probably not capable of doing something from scratch, but if any of you use a template that looks good and is fairly easy to customize, please let me know where I can find one.

Also, if there are any topics you'd like to see more (or less) of, or something you all think we could do better please give me your input. I can definitely handle some constructive comments/criticism; after all I want this to be a place you enjoy visiting.

Thank you all for visiting the PIT- I think once we get to 75 followers we might do another giveaway!


  1. hmmm...I downloaded a simple program off the internet to create my header...although I think I spent a whole afternoon figuring out how large it needed to be...the program is on my other computer, so I'll have to look and see what it is. I'll post it on here when I find out.

  2. The program that I downloaded to make my header is called XHeader. They have pre made templates, or you can upload a picture of your own into the program and create your own custom design. Good luck!

  3. Thanks- I will look in to that when I have a free afternoon (harhar). But seriously, anything is better than what we've got.

  4. Hello:)I have only recently found your blog & officially started following today(I tend to bookmark but forget to follow straight away)I don't know anything about making new headers ,sorry but in regards to post suggestions I would love it if you could throw in a few more recipes every now & then,that would be great!Other than that i think what you already do is fab!
    I went back & read your blog from the start & i just loved reading about & seeing all your wonderful finds & all the little snippets of your life that you share.Thanks for such a entertaining,informative & enjoyable blog:)

  5. Thanks for following, MC! I'll definitely do more recipes!