Friday, September 10, 2010

Flea Market Friday- MCM boomerang ashtray

I love a bargain. And I know you all do too. Even when it's something I have absolutely no use for!
(So is it really a bargain? hmmm....)

But I think this qualifies as something that's just too cool to pass up, even if I don't smoke:

And I got it for $1!

The white bird (I guess it's a crane, since it doesn't have a flamingo-shaped beak?) is actually inset into the glaze, and the black twig things are drawn under the glaze as well. There's no marking on the back, but this is a pretty high-quality piece- way nicer than some of the home made stuff I've seen for much higher.

I bought this today at one of the better yard sales I've been to this year. It also happened to be the best advertised, which is how I found it. Quite a ways off the beaten path, they had wooden sandwich boards out by the highway with directions, and flashing strobe lights once you were getting close. It seems that if you want to catch peoples' attention these days, that's how to do it!


  1. How weird! I just posted a couple of days ago about my ashtray with a flamingo almost just like that one, only white with pink. Zootsuitmama