Friday, February 26, 2010

TV Land

I love TV Land. Or at least I used to. Lately they've been adding more and more newer shows, to the point where I'm starting to wonder if I'll never see some of my old favorites again. Like "Hazel"- I doubt I'll ever see that one again. (And what's with the crappy reality shows? Come on, I can see that garbage anywhere.)

But for now, at least, they're still showing the Andy Griffith Show every night. I like the show well enough, but my kids LOVE it. My son races to get a bath and into his pajamas by 8 just so he can watch it. (He calls it "Andy the Policeman.")

And that's fine with me. I'm not a real big TV watcher, and I hate using it as an electronic babysitter, but it sure beats some of the other stuff geared for kids these days. Some of those shows on the Cartoon Network are just plain scary for a 5-year old. Heck they even scare me sometimes.

So I'm glad that my kids can watch some real entertainment with a strong dose of 50s morality thrown in. I never have to worry that they're going to learn bad words or absorb questionable modern influences- they get enough of those already.

Let's hope they keep showing it. But I have a strong sense that it's soon to be replaced by "Everybody Loves Raymond". And you know what? I don't.

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  1. Agree, Agree, Agree, what ever happened to Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Family Affair, Hazel, and all of the others that they used to show on TV Land? Maybe we should petition...