Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Love Turquoise!

Hello, friends, I'm glad you're here!

Last time I posted I mentioned how it seemed like my dry spell had been broken. Boy has it ever! And I am sooo glad; I was starting to get a little desperate!

I had some great luck with turquoise this week. First I found the Butterprint 401 which I posted last time. All I needed to complete my Butterprint mixing bowl set was the ever-elusive 404. I have been watching a couple online for a while and I just couldn't bring myself to pay the $50 or so it would have cost for one. I am glad I didn't pull the trigger because I found one in the wild!

I was meeting my mom for lunch and was a bit early so I got in a little thrifting on the way. I couldn't believe my eyes- there it was, just sitting there waiting for me on the shelf. Believe me, I just about had a death grip on that sucker all the way to the register.

I <3 butterprint="" nbsp="" p="">
I am so excited I finally completed this set, and it was all thrifted.

And to complete my Turquoise Trifecta, yesterday I thrifted a Needlepoint 443! I just stopped into my local Sally Ann on a whim and there she was. I still can't believe I found one- never in a million years would I expect to find a piece like this at my Salvation Army, but it goes to show that every once in a while, a gem turns up.

I think I am in LOVE!


  1. Good for you! Your are on a lucky streak!!

  2. A Butterprint 404! WOW! I need that one. Elusive over here, too. I found my first pieces of Pyrex at Salvation Army this past week! I love that second bowl - congrats!!!

  3. Great news! Congratulations on completing your set. The Needlepoint piece is beautiful too. And all thrifted! You really are on a roll.

  4. Well done you! Oh there is nothing quite like finding that elusive piece is there?
    You do realise that is probably all your thrifting luck for the rest of the year gone right? ;-)

  5. I love the feeling of completing sets! I'm working on finishing my all white Butterprint Cinderella set. Only two more to go! I have found the two hardest ones so hopefully the rest will be easy.

    I love the Embroidery/Needlepoint bowl. Its so cute and an awesome score!


    1. I only need the white 442 and I will have that as well. I got the white 444 from our blogger friend Missouri Michael at Cul de sac Shack! I have pretty much determined I will not resort to online shopping for Butterprint. it seems to find me on its own, and for that I am happy.

  6. your luck is making me think I may need to go do some thrifting myself! I have to admit the last year+ has been slim pickins in my fave haunts. Maybe this year will be different :-)

  7. WOW on the needle point, and YAY for finishing your Butterprint set! I love it as well because of the turquoise! (It is my favorite set to use!) glad to see the drought is over!

  8. A Butterprint 404! WOW! I need that one. Elusive over here, too. I found my first pieces of Pyrex at Salvation Army this past week! I love that second .

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  9. Hi Susie, I do believe you are the Queen of Thrifting, not to mention, one lucky gal. I just get a kick out of these pieces you find at great prices.

  10. Very cool! One of my fav patterns! Sorry I don't comment much, but my computer at home has trouble with leaving comments. I am always looking and reading though!