Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacation thrift finds!

Well, it's a rainy day here at ChezQT and I am neck deep in canning projects. This time of year is always crazy with the garden produce coming in nonstop and getting ready for back to school, plus trying to squeeze in all the fun stuff I wanted to do with the kids. So that's my excuse for not blogging a lot lately.

But I still thrift and collect when I can, so here's a sampling of some of the stuff I picked up lately!

We recently spent a week and a half at our cabin upstate. One rainy day up there, I cleaned out a lot of the stuff we don't use and took it to a thrift shop in the local town. I dropped off four big trash bags full of stuff! And the bonus was I got to shop at the store too, and this is one little shop that hasn't yet succumbed to the high prices of the big chains. Nothing in the store was more than $2!

You can bet I was super excited to find Pyrex on my vacation- I was going through withdrawal at this point, and these were just what I needed! The snowflake divided dish (with lid!) was $2, the flamingo plate was 25 cents and the turquoise vegetable bowl was $2 at a flea market (more on that later!). I already have the snowflake DD, so this one will be for sale. I'm trying to resist collecting the Pyrex dinnerware, so will have to let the plate and bowl go too (eventually!)

These little handled crocks are GlasBake and were 25 cents each. I think I will keep them up there for a while, at least through the fall when I will use them for soup!

This orange ball pitcher was (yep, you guessed it) $2! I will be taking it to the booth.

The pottery vase was $1 and will be a nice addition to the collection of white pottery I already have up there. The two saucers are Taylor Smith Taylor Cathay.

I love this hand painted cookie jar and it was only $1! It's really big, like a gallon size.

But probably the best score of all was this vintage suitcase. I went up to the checkout with my arms full of (mostly breakable) stuff and spied this off to the side, under a pile of other things. I had to ask if it was even for sale. The ladies were so happy someone wanted it- they said it had been there for weeks- that they almost apologized for asking $2. I packed it full of my treasures and they all made it home safely, and in style.

Oh, and the table all these are photographed on was a flea market find. It's an old farm table I bought at the flea market for $5. The oilcloth was definitely too far gone to save, but the table underneath has a great patina, which I will show you in a another post!


  1. I love those little handled bowls. I can just picture them full of beef stew or chili.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too- easily my favorite of all. I just wish there were more pieces (like fridgies!) in that pattern.

  3. DY-NO-MITE finds!

    too bad the veggie bowl is not flamingo...Yes I am collecting Pyrex dinnerware in Flamingo.

    Be well, happy fall

  4. Vacation finds can be the very best kind!!!