Sunday, February 17, 2013

A long time coming- thrift scores!

Well, long time no post! I have been pretty busy and haven't had much time to blog or read other blogs, but I wanted to touch base and show you some of my recent thrift finds. In general, the thrift stores haven't been great lately, but over the last couple of weeks I have found some good stuff. I actually took a whole day off on Friday and went to some thrift stores farther away that I hardly ever have time to get to. And boy, was it worth it!

We have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near us, but it is only open Wed-Sat. It's kind of tough to get over there on those days, and I've been meaning to go there for months. I really went hoping to find Pyrex; I've found some there in the past, and this time I had high hopes. But this time it didn't pan out as I had hoped. I did find some other things (more on that in a sec), but the only Pyrex in the place was this lone Butterfly Gold mug. This is not a pattern I collect, but I love Pyrex mugs, and I was desperate, so I bought it.

(The other Pyrex pieces in the background will figure in to this story a bit later.)

This is a refrigerator dish made by Hall China and is marked on the bottom "Coldspot Refrigerator Dish". It was pretty neat, and only $2. It's actually part of a 3 piece set.

These I bought after learning about Pyrex delphite (blue milk glass). I knew they weren't Pyrex, but I have never seen delphite in person before, so they had to come home with me. I collect jadeite, and really never even heard about delphite until I started collecting Pyrex. They are so pretty, I hope to find more! If anyone knows about the pattern or maker of these, I'd love to hear it, because in the little research I've been able to do, I've come up empty (they are not Jeannette Cherry Blossom- that I do know). They are unmarked on the bottom, except for the numbers 1,2, and 3 (presumably for the pieces in the set.)

I also bought this Otagiri Japan mug for a quarter- cute but not my style- definitely going to my Etsy shop.

Same with this Avon milk glass soap dish- really cute, and I am tempted to keep it...

This bunny planter is definitely a keeper and was only $1. I think he is Napco- there were many more Easter  things in the store and they were all crappy and more expensive than this one, go figure! I guess I have to start getting the Easter stuff out.

Haha, yes I bought this record. I put myself on a record-buying freeze about 3 years ago and have been pretty good about it (I have thousands of records- might even have this already- I have no idea) but fell off the wagon a bit this week. Besides this LP I also bought 4 45s, and one of those was "Karma Chameleon". Well, hey, it was my can't put a price on memories...except they were only 99 cents.

Now I saved this one for last- I walked by it and didn't recognize what it was. But on my way back I caught a glimpse of some of the fabric, 

And hey, isn't that barkcloth....

Mint, in the package, never opened. 

Set of four panels...


Oh yeah....I just found new drapes for my living room! I promise I will do a post on that in the near future. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow! Those curtains are fab-u-lous! What a great score for you and at an amazing price! Love them!

  2. Oh wow! Those drapes are awesome! Lucky girl! Love when that happens! You scored some goodies!

  3. Love the cream and sugar containers! So lovely!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. the little bunny is so cute. but the best find are those amazing fabric panels - gorgeous!

  5. Wow, I love it all! I especially am smitten with the blue milk glass set. Lovely stuff! I can also can relate with record buying. I was sorting some records this weekend and notice a couple of thrifted doubles (cher half breed immediately comes to mind). I would have definitely snatched up the Culture Club record for 99c just on the off-chance I didn't have it! :)

  6. How wicked of you to hold out on us! Those are FANTASTIC DRAPES! FOUR PANELS! That hardly ever happens you lucky Gal!

  7. Wow! check old Boy George today and how much weight he has lost, just saw it on

  8. Living vicariously through your scores---I've given up thrifting for a while :)
    Pyrex is beautiful and usefu

  9. You really have made some great scores lately. Congratulations are definitely in order on the barkcloth drapes!

  10. Love all the finds. I have that Boy George record and love listening to it! Church of a Poisoned mind might be my favorite but ALL the songs on that one are just great. That Otagiri Whale mug is SO crazy kitschy my style! What are you selling it for? :) Let me know at

  11. Love those drapes! And to have found them NEW IN THE PACKAGE...for only ten dollars!