Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SusieQT collects: Printed Glassware

Don't you just hate those bloggers who seem like they drop off the face of the earth all of a sudden?  Oh wait... :)

Well, anyway, things have been really busy around here and I seem to be a week behind on everything because of being displaced due to Hurricane Sandy for a while. But just in time for Thanksgiving I have a post about one of my very favorite things to collect, printed glassware!

Printed glassware was produced from the 40s-70s as a promotional item for consumer brands. In many cases, they were sold filled with things like peanut butter and sour cream. This encouraged the shopper to patronize a certain brand until she had accumulated a set of similar glasses. Popular themes were flowers, outdoor scenes and holiday motifs. Some glassware companies, like Libby, also produced sets complete with carriers and matching drink pitchers. I believe these might have also been promo items in grocery stores (i.e. free with a $20 purchase) or purchased with things like Green Stamps.

I've been collecting them for years, but they are getting harder to find at decent prices. I try to limit myself to sets of at least 2 glasses or those with pitchers or carriers now, which makes it much harder!

This is probably my favorite set, and the only set I currently have on display in my kitchen. I bought this set of 8 glasses with the carrier about 15 years ago for $15- now, I wouldn't be able to touch them for that price.

I love the red, yellow and green color scheme of these- matches my kitchen perfectly. I hope I can find another 4 of this pattern and maybe a pitcher someday to complete the set. (I've been looking for years!)

Juice glasses are so dainty- these are probably 2-4 oz size. It reminds you that years ago, if you wanted orange juice, you had to squeeze an orange (or five)! I found the matching pitcher for the orange juice glasses at a yard sale years after I bought the 3 (used to be 4, whoops!) glasses.

 Not every pattern was feminine and frilly. My guess is these were meant to be used as bar ware. If I had a couple more of these, I'd put them on my Thanksgiving table.

These holiday glasses are very common. It's a great starter set- you can probably find them in just about any thrift store if you're patient. I have a dozen of them and pass them up all them time anymore because I can't even use all the ones I've got! But they are so perfect for a Christmas tablescape set with a printed holiday tablecloth.


  1. Wow! You have such a great collection of glasses.

  2. I love them all! Especially the holiday ones! So sweet :)

  3. I love those holiday glasses! I'll have to add them to the "look for at thrifts" list hehehe

  4. Oh how great! I love printed glassware too! I have some of the pheasant & Christmas design, both by Hazel Atlas. I would have sent you a couple of the pheasant ones! :-)

  5. How wonderful and cheery! You also have me itching to dig my orange juice set out of storage. I cant remember why i put them up! Our "Bar ware" is Libbey's "Golden Foliage" pattern just like what they use on Mad Men!

  6. Your printed glassware is fantastic! I remember a printed set of juice glasses that my grandmother had. Your sets brought back good memories.

  7. You are a girl after my own heart! I collect printed glassware and have a very difficult time passing it up. I have run out of room to store most of it so I just rotate it every few months. I have NEVER seen those holiday glasses in any thrift store where I am from. Lucky you!

    Happy Holidays!