Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stove update #2

Hi everyone, things have been kind of crazy around here (it's deer hunting season- I am a hunting widow...). But I do have a stove update, since that's what I've been focusing my free time on.

I found a great place for parts and wire, and best of all it's local! Bergey's Electric in Hatfield, PA was a life saver for me so far. At the urging of my mother-in-law (the Bergeys are her cousins) I gave them a call searching for the right wire (heat resistant, right amperage, etc.). I highly recommend them, and if you're tackling a similar project, do not hesitate to give them a call: 215-723-5518.

I had not had much luck with the other local places I had called, so I was not expecting much. (Because no one actually repairs appliances anymore, they just tell you to get new ones!) I know some of the parts are available over the web, but I much prefer to support local businesses and it's so much nicer to deal with people face to face.

Not only did they have the right, OEM wire in stock, I had the owner and the appliance repair man there to help me get the rest of my shopping list. I needed the burner wires- they had the original spool wire there and cut it to my measurements- the heavier gauge wire that goes to the oven elements, the connectors, and also as a bonus, an original ceramic recepticle for the burner itself.

The burners plug into a ceramic connector which is wired directly to the knob. I had one that was cracked and they just happened to have an identical one on the parts shelf. And guess what? They gave it to me!

And here's the neat part- know why they happened to have that original part on the shelf? They were the original and only licensed Westinghouse dealer in the area. Chances are that they were the ones that sold my stove when it was brand new. The owner said that if I can track down the name of the original owner, they can probably locate the original bill of sale. Now, if that's not a reason to shop local, I don't know what is!


  1. Neat story! I'm glad you are going to the lengths you are to actually get it fixed and use it. It will be great the first time you make something with your 'new' stove.

  2. HOW COOL,and what luck! I bet not only can they help with parts (as they have) but can provably give repair and upkeep advice! There is one little place here in town that specializes in older appliances, luckily I have not yet had any problems big enough that I couldnt fix. But its good to knwo they are there, and they have the neatest collection of restored appliances!

  3. I love to hear stories like this! Local shops can be awesome (or a nightmare!) to deal with, and this one sounds like a keeper. It would be so cool to have a copy of the original bill of sale to go with your stove once it's done...can't wait to see it!

  4. By the time you get your stove done, it will be BETTER than brand new. How great that you found that place.

  5. I love to find shops like that! Places where they have the parts, the will and the know how.

    Be sure to keep us posted on the stove progress and the goodies you're going to cook with the deer meat.